t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, November 20, 2011


like seriously the last time i touch carbonated drink was on the airplane flying here which was almost 3 months ago.. haha

i had like free flow of 7UP although there were red and white wine but nah... i dont fancy those..

so yesterday while burning the night my friend and i indulged in diet coke wtf 2 bottles of 3L diet coke! hahahaha..

and for the whole night we burp all the way..

like seriously even if we dont burp our tummy make sounds... and talking bout sounds the bird here mate at night cos 3am in the morning mereka macam berpesta chirp here chirp there.. siao bird..

and the worst thing is that the gas was so teruk it came out the other end too.. ahahaah..

no more carbonated drink for me liao i think... haha..

and i need to finish a 2000 words appraisal by tonight...

im gg-fied!


  1. Too much of it is no good.

    Replace with green tea...

  2. haha, yesterday my friends and i bought 1 regular coke at mcdonalds and refilled it 4 times in less then 10 minutes.. lol! And yes.. The gas is killer.. walking around the curve burping non-stop.. haha!

  3. im so dead, haven't shitted anything outta my brain yet for my ethics essay... T.T

  4. The only thing that comes to my mind when anyone mentions coke is the number of glucose molecules that'll be metabolized and stored as fat ><

    And isn't it CO32-?

  5. i tekan the tetek , like pillow only , how to make it flat tuls ??

  6. @CX ~ here green tea super exprensive.. cannot afford.. i got boh... lol.. but i seldom drink la.. hahaha..

    @kaylex ~ so satisfying kan.. ada masuk ada keluar.. lol.. try that with cum and shoot it out your ass.. damn awesome feeling! lol

    @ninja ~ hahahahahahah...

    @aiden ~ omgosh................. @.@ !!!

    @ooi2009 ~ dont put padding.. take it out.. its there somewhere... take and throw once and for all!!