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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

im not malay...

ok.. first of all i need to clarify that i am chinese..

im not from china..

im a malaysian chinese..

not that im really proud of it or what..



i dont mind that the ang mohs thinks that i am from china..

or laos...

or myanmar...

but the malaysian chinese that are there since year 1 thinks that IM MALAY is totally fucked up!!



your brains something wrong or i really look like malay?

*cry* LOL

i bukan melayu la omgosh....

yes my skin damn powerful kena sunlight for 5 mins will be hitam edi but after a night i will cerah balik but thats not the point omgosh..

malaysian chinese who cant identify another of its own is unforgivable!!

this is for you! *SLAP*



  1. You're tanner now is it?

  2. You and Malay? hahahahaha. Which reminds me. I have so much to tell you.

  3. OMG!! The monkey!! SO FREAKING CUTE!!

  4. Hahaha it happens. Once someone actually thought I was an Indonesian maid.

    And I love that pic. Makes me feel like slapping someone now *bitch mode* :P

  5. that is plainly unforgiveable....
    nuts la...kenot recognise....ZzZzZz

  6. I totally understand ur fellin!!!I was being called as malay tooo!!!got one middle age chinese uncle ask me: 你是华人还是马来人?totally F up!

  7. i am not a malay , but i can be turned on by malay , chinese or indian la!

  8. Hahaha. Kesian betul. And using the monkey to represent yourself? Too cute! :D

  9. Let's get out of racial profiling.am Malay but looks Chinese,Thai,Vietnamese,kampucuen any Asia origin.it doesn't bother me at all being mistaken...am happy la

  10. @calvin ~ erm... nola.. same only wor...

    @aiden ~ eeeeeeeeeee.. dont tell me you thought so the same time too!!! :)

    @kaylex ~ hahahaha.. i took this off the net! lol

    @jboy ~ awesome! i love a bitchy slut! :)

    @ninja ~ yala... slap gao them! lol

    @ooi2009 ~ yes mr muhibah! :)

    @ev.c ~ kita kan semua mamalia?!!

    @dzed ~ thanks for visiting! *hugs* im not racial profiling la.. lol.. its just my opinion nia that their judgment is so bad! hahahaha...