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Monday, November 7, 2011

the FART that last forever...

so ive been doing a lot of cooking and cos onion is cheaper than garlic like alot so i was like ok why not substitute garlic with onion then..

so most of my cooking will surely got onion..  anyway...

my room's window was never opened cos its super cold and i wont feel stuffy cos of the cooling effect and i dono why some people thinks they are suffocating..

anyway ive been farting alot cos of the onion effect and haha.... it was so stinky cos the air is not moving so the fart stays like forever like some constant ambi-not-pure controlled spray like that...


its an on going thing so whoever who wants to come and crash my place in future please be aware! lol...


  1. i like to fart also...btw , since i have equal amount of haters and likers , can i say that i love tuls ?

  2. But onions and garlic are so different!! Can you chase vampires away with onions?? No. You will get rape if you present onions.. LOL!~ but garlic are so awesome... ><

  3. Hahaha cut down on onions lah if you don't wanna smell your own fart :P
    But after winter can open window right :P

  4. Hmm, the food won't taste the same without the sufficient amount of garlic as the ingredient.

    Just like sex without...

    Oops, talking non-sense.

  5. I eat like... ALOT OF ONION! but I don't fart that much. XD

    is this the 传说中的夺命连环屁?????????

  6. yerrrr...hate both garlic and onion :(

  7. @ooi2009 ~ lol.. please dont over ok!! later got assassin come hantam you then you know who order one.. =>bubu

    @kaylex ~ its ok to get raped! i here superdry! :) lollllllll

    @alex ~ hahaha... oh well..

    @jboy ~ haha.. can :) actually now also can but just that beside my window banyak barang surely all jatuh outside later! lol

    @CX ~ true also... lol.. sex without what?!!??!

    @kankanD ~ lol! go die!!! :)

    @wizard ~ try la ! :) lol