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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

casino halal...

is there such word arr? religist? or religionist? lol.. wait.. i sudah lupa the term for it.. lol.. whatever la..

the casino at my area damn powerful, they gave a 10 pounds worth of chips to you for the new comers! :) hehe..

so i went in and played black jack.. the rule is that you have to use the 10 pounds one shot and so i did and i lost 17 - 20. oh well.. gambling is not my thing anyway...

the main reason we, my housemate and i went there was for the dessert..

like genting we have free flow of any drinks we want but we paid for the desserts la..

cannot compare with the tanah melayu desserts la, here everywhere also nice one cos maybe its fresh and stuff kinda shit or maybe its just psychoing me la that the desserts here are nicer since i paid extra for it as compared to msia..

anyway i saw some malay counterparts here in the casino as well.. hahahaha...

im not trying to condemn what shit la but as long as you know what youre doing and cause no harm i dont think gambling is such a taboo that you cant even enter that area just because youre muslim...

and so as drinking, or eating babi.. what if youre muslim and youre stuck in antartica or some shit and the only source of drink is alcohol...?? and what if youre in a land of babi with no other poultry..?!?!

anyway... although i dono who are they but they smiled at us and we smiled back cos we saw each others identical passport cover! lol....

the cafe is kinda conducive to do discussion so we started gossiping and stuffs then we took out our assignments and started doing omgosh it was so hillarious.. because the water was free flowing we just stayed there for hours..

i think the casino will be the next best place to chill out after this..

fully utilizing the resources!! :)


  1. Ooohhh forget about the casino, tell me about the desserts hahaha!!! what do they have? yum yum :D

  2. In australia they have babi halal.. Not to be offensive but someone saw that sign in a restaurant.. lol..

  3. "what if youre muslim and youre stuck in antartica or some shit and the only source of drink is alcohol...??"

    In islamic law it is permissible to eat those haram food if situation on the above happens.
    study other religion properly before you made any statements or comments.

  4. agree with ash godiva , not only tuls , but many of the bloggers must know others religion and respect them before making any foolish statements.

  5. @jboy ~ well they had the apple crumble thing, the cheesecake with some biscuit thing, lemon tart thing and all comes with ice cream! hehe..

    @CK ~ hahahaha :)

    @ash ~ darling, who say i dont know about the above statement? anyway... if youre so knowledgeable about islam, do you know why babi is tak halal and alcohol is forbidden by the religion? please enlighten me with it thanks...

    @ooi2009 ~ right... you dont know me that well then.. :)

  6. Yes,i know why they are not halal,if you really wanted to know you can search in youtube about the videos of it.if only my comp didn't block youtube i would share with you the link here