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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sun sets at 4...

its getting darker earlier day by day and its now setting around pass 4ish...

so by the time i finish lecture at 5 and i walk home macam malam like that...

so advertisement material like the one rain did with some shampoo thing.. HITAM, KEGEMARAN KU or some shit la... NAMA SAYA RAIN! *VOMITS*


its a good change.. haha.. people usually say that they hate winter cos its kinda dead and dark all the time.. haha..

i havent got affected yet.. maybe not yet... but i dont think it will affect me much at all.. lol..

why spoil your day/night just because its dark? no no no.. tuls is always optimistic and gay.. haha..

and now got some daylight saving or some shit crap started liao so its basically 8 hours different with malaysia... you tolak lapan jam and thats my timing.. :)

i walk this trail every day to school.. hopefully it will turn all brown soon! :) cant wait...


  1. i find it extremely fascinating when the sky goes dark fast. There was once a group of friends and i wanted to go to sleep dy, then look at the time.. 9pm.. LOL!! Anyways.. Night life extended?? hahahaha <3

  2. You should see spring/summer time. At 11pm the sun is still in the sky haha.

  3. the park i cut thru everyday is all brown or botak-ed already. And it's PITCH DARK when I come back from clinic everyday, no lamp poles in the park what the heck...
    hate it la....

  4. i saw this guy in mid valley : he was a brown guy , either malay or indian , but he was really gebu , meaning that he was just nice , not muscular , but great ass and thighs , and hot also , felt like eating him la

  5. @kaylex ~ yawor... but here the night life all pub nia... wanna find one mamak also difficult!

    @shahnon ~ cant wait!!! :)

    @ninja ~ ei... so qi guai one.. my here damn fully litted one wor..

    @ash ~ yalor...

    @ooi2009 ~ eeeeeeerrrr.. right.. please dont one leg step 2 boat ok edi..