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t u l s

Friday, February 25, 2011

you emo, i emo...

its been a hectic week and next week will be crazier!! timetable slots are fully occupied from 9 - 5!! daymn!!

presentations will commence on monday up till wednesday and my slides are almost finish.. still not quite done for the last one!! still working on it!!

i damn za dou i tell you, being a group leader i will have to distribute the work and trust my members to finish the job and send it back to me, right CX? but hor, my case different de lor.. that groupmate of mine gimme his part of his report and his part in the presentation slides and its full of grammatical errors de lor!!

that one still ok cos everyone is bound to make mistakes but.. er.. i dont know whats his problem but almost every line also got mistakes.. damn cb one.. nevermind.. i forgive him on that.. BUT HOR.. the discussion part for the report i dont really get it lor.. dono whether what he wants to express so i ask him to edit and resend back.. then he redo and send to me and i was like..

what are you trying to say?

oh.. that part, when i was doing i was kinda sleepy so i dint know what was i writing..

it happened over msn and immediately i feel like smashing the computer screen(not like vincent, that one natural disaster, mine is more artificial) but seriously lor if its you, you pheck cik or not!! deng!!!

might as well i do the whole report myself and the presentation slides also all i do myself!! omgg!! 

i cant really do much as he is one of the closest to me in uni.. he is alright as a friend but not as a workmate.. like seriously can vomit de..

my mood was kinda affected lor and so i went and meet bubu after his class ended, waited in his room for him  to come home but then i received a call from someone and i really had to leave.. we were together for not more than 1 hour and i had to leave.. its kinda like.. grghhhh!!! i told him what happen and everything and after that i went off and then went back and was at home..

my car is kinda gone now.. i got no source of transport liao.. had to cancel plans.. then cant meet bubu for long.. +stupid sohai gorupmate and piled up work and assignments.. really gg emo.com.my lor i tell you.. 

as usual we call each other before sleep...

good night...


see  you tomorrow ok?

mm.. if you wanna see then see la..

why wor? what do you mean by if wanna see wor?

mm.. yala... people emo mar..

i emo only wert, why you emo wor?

because you emo thats why i emo la.. dono why also..

aiyoor!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.. so cute!!!!

cute kan? got such thing one.. i emo, he emo! hahahaha... stupid pabo boy!!


  1. ur hero still... hospitalize or dead... mmm i think u purposely lor. so u dun hav to drive... tsk tsk tsk. :P

  2. It's part of learning process. Whatever it's just make sure that it's the best effort that you have put in.

    Disregard the amount of time other members put in, at least when we are in control of the whole situation, we will surely not let ourselves down.

    Ups and downs, you are just going through the tough times. The phase will be over soon enough, and by then...you will definitely miss the experience.


  3. another will emo when the other is emo ya. @_@ Good couple!

  4. of course got such thing,you're the one that pabo...cannot lar you emo and than he's happy.hahaha

  5. I pek cek oso. Same problem like urs. I got 3 members. All 3 oso got grammar and spelling error. Some oso write nonsense. No reference. I have to re-do whole report on my own.

    But really ccb la. Got spelling and grammar check on Mword oso got mistake. Is coz they lazy and last minute.

  6. @lil prince ~ haha.. i wish.. but yea.. i miss my hero..

    @CX ~ thanks sifu!!

    @C'est la vie ~ ?!?!? hahahaha.. thanks!

    @ash ~ true also! weird kan?!!

    @bravebear ~ dong bing xiang lian... haih....