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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

why are there lots of gays in singapore?

i know its not fair la to say this but not bad wert if all men in singapore are gay kan? hahahaha...

in this video former beauty queen 2009, Ris Low of Singapore teach us on how to use a condom to practice safe sex!

first of all, once she opened her mouth, any stimulated dick will also die off immediately cos her england is so shingz!

at 0:25, she say SSSSSSSSS as SAFE SEX. she cant even pronounce safe sex padahal teach safe sex, nevermind!! i believe action speak louder than words.. takpe takpe.. sabar tuls...

at 1:00, the condom that she was trying to fit it on the Largest Banana flew off! hahahaah.... damn sohai la.. i can imagine the bf and her wanna have sex also take 30 minutes to wear that rubber!! hahahahahah

she say wanna give tip to guys on how to remove the condom, omgg she nearly tore the banana skin! hahaha.. just imagine a cut on the penis! yikes!!

somemore say that must peel it off when the dick hard and erected, if the dick died edi then no need to remove is it? then have to peel sumore, you dicks got so much skin for you to peel arr? siao!!

and what the hell is make sure the sperm dont get to you? sperm can see meh? cb!!

and its not very disgusting lor, if its so disgusting then dont have sex la.. go home and sleep!! ok?!!

the funniest part is she doenst even know how to tie a condom and sumore can say throw it away somewhere! omg!! thats so irresponsible and dirty you stupid bitch!!

the ultimate move is at 3:00, and that traumatize guys alot.. thats why all become gay cos guys wont break dicks.. we know how it feels.. blek!!!

singaporean dudes are hot... 

i also want one can arr bubu?!! hahahaha



    Was a boring afternoon until i watched this.

  2. Kakakakakaka......I think Tuls can do a better one...much better one.

  3. @Ant ~ kihihi... glad it made your day!! :)

    @skyhawk ~ what the.. how you know wan? shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)