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t u l s

Monday, February 28, 2011


was with my mum for lunch after taking the passport and we were like eating chicken rice.. the boss of the shop is chinese but the worker chopping the chicken looks like some foreign worker..

tuls, the workers *pointing the two girls helping out* quite pretty hor..

ng.. yalor..

chinese owner, but they look like foreign workers hor..


i think from nyama...



Myanmar is it?



aiyor i laugh until die yesterday.. cannot tahan.. 
siao mother.


  1. and i thought nyama= nia mah!

    i love the drawing...damn funny...hahahaha

  2. Sure sounded like what Ash said haha!

  3. the pic of the 3rd drawing.....so mantapz and boomz! LOL!
    so is the title :P

  4. the indian figure is SO racist! hahahaha!

  5. cina mesti uncut meh~~~ never knew that's a law XD

  6. jesus christ , is that what u perceive of an indian ?i didnt expect this from u .I expected more from u , perhaps some awareness abt how indians are these days. Your drawing shows how an indian would look if he was in a moral book when we were std 1 . i "expected" u to be a bit more alert abt how they look ,i guess u still dont mix well with pples of other races

    FYI : I am not calling u a racist , coz i have seen worse racist comments on that old-but-thinks-his-face-is-youthful motherfucker pluboy,who keeps condemning malaysia for being racist when he is a bigot himself.BUt i am merely telling u that not all indians are the same , as are not all chinese cant speak fluent english

    Mind u, i have so many great chinese friends , i NEVER condemn or insult how they are looked or their attitudes

    by the way , i know u from ur bubu. coz i do enjoy his blog , and in real life he is a nonracist person .in case u think im lying , ur "bubu" has a name that rhymes with "saul"

    u can gladly post this.

  7. @ash ~ same pronounciation :) hihi!!

    @J-boy ~ :)

    @CX ~ hahahaha

    @alex ~ boomz! hahahaha

    @savoir ~ its just a general standard one picture..

    @tempus ~ as in general lor!! :)

    @ahmed822011 ~ hello there! thanks for visiting!! :) its just general drawing.. i dint mean any harm lor.. hahahaha.. like you say.. standard 1 moral book.. chillin arr.. haha.. i have a few indian gay friends who are very close mind you and my high school best friend is also indian so yea.. and thanks for reading bubu's blog!! :) thanks for all the support!! :) *hugs*

  8. >ahmed822011 : thank you for your support and thank you for reading my blog, didn't know my blog have such awesome reader!!! =P

    tuls might make some really inappropriate comments at times and believe me i have spank his ass multiple times for it...
    but one think i know is that he is far from racist...

    i guess what he is trying to portray in his drawing is the characteristic of a typical individual in a typical race...
    of course that being said, in our modern society, no one actually look like their own race anymore because well, we are all Malaysian instead of the usual i'm Chinese and your etc etc...
    he's just trying to highlight a point and i'm sure he didn't mean to step on the wrong foot...
    also, looking at his slutty resume, he surely is NOT racist if you know what i mean...

    but anyway, thanks for your really honest opinion