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t u l s

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

condensed milk...

i was on msn with a close friend yesterday and..

X, i was so horny just now i release my one week worth of cum... gosh.. cny is really torturous..

oooooo.. so, was it evaporated milk? condense milk? butter batter? whipped cream? mineral water?

oh.. it exploded with mineral water first, then whipped cream then ended with a fountain of condense milk... why like that de arr?

hm... i also dono wor... 

any idea guys? hahahaha... maybe it campured with pee at first then the 7 days worth of load came out after that..hahahaah... luckily dint get blue balls... felt so nice after releasing... after that straight away zzzzzzzzz...............................


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG! Condensed milk? Whipped cream? Gosh! So thick meh the texture? Happy birthday to you too!!!

    Your drawing is soooooooo cute!!!

  2. hahaha mine isnt like that....always like glue or slitly jellyish=.=

  3. I will look at dairy products differently this time.

  4. It must be the way u wank it or something... remember the biology experiment where u put a blood sample in some kind of spinner and after the 'rigourous' spinning u see different layers of ur blood content? from least densed to most..

    gosh.. wat hav u been doing to ur little bro.. =p

  5. LoL at your selected 'technical' terms!

  6. Omg i cannot believe this LOL!

  7. I just shoot last night but in someone ass covered with dum dum, so donno mineral water or condense milk or whipe cream lorr

  8. @calvin ~ hahahah.. thanks!!

    @skysky ~ omg!! yan gong fu cup!!! *wicked smile*

    @ash ~ oooo.. hotness :)

    @CX ~ kihihihihi....

    @kidz ~ hahahahaha.. oh my gosh like that also can relate arr? hahahaha.. i spin it very fast lor like that!! hahahahahaha

    @lucas ~ hahahahaha... its kinda awesome kan? it was out of random!!

    @alex ~ i cant believe youre the one who suggested the INGREDIENTS! hahahahahahahaha

    @PFJ ~ oooooooooo... kinksy!! :) more more more balcony!!!