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t u l s

Friday, February 18, 2011

thanks Boy..

please participate in this survey on views on homosexuality.. it takes only 1 minute to do so as it only contains 15 questions :) 

anyway, erm.. today is mama bubu's birthday.. haha.. so when the clock struck 12 i sent her an sms but only to find that she is asleep... anyways i went to bed and wake up the morning to find an sms reply saying..

thanks boy..

hahhahaha.. i am a boy, i know.. but am i her boy? hahahaha... so i told my bff in school today about it and she teased me non stop throughout the whole day with it.. hahaha..

so what do you wanna eat for lunch, BOY!??? *giggle*

the rest of the friends are like so bodohly asking us what is it what is it ... cos she kept laughing like soh poh.. hahahah... then she just told them.. its a secret.. hahhahah.. stupid bitch.. slap her then she know.. hahahahahaha..

going out for dinner with her now :)


  1. Tell u a secret, secret among girls are in fact a news to spread around. Shhhh dun tell them I tell u this secret. Hahahahahaha

  2. thanks you guys.. haha.. and whizkid.. thanks for the info!! our lips are sealed!! :)