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Saturday, February 12, 2011

THAT familiar face...

you know sometimes you bumped into someone unexpected in a gay club/bar? eg your lecturer? your coursemate? your colleague etc..? maybe your uncle or something but that dint happen to me until 2 weeks ago..  bubu and I were together and we were waiting for our friends to come, after they arrived we went out and greet them la, the bunch was surprisingly huge and i dint know everyone there so i thought that it might be their friends or some shit..

then went and ice break and all... just at the back of the crowd, stands a guy who somehow looks familiar but it dint occur to me who was it at first.. but after glancing a few more time i went over to him and say..

i think i know you...

er..???? *look at me*

*look directly into his eyes*

OH... MY... GOSH!!! OH.... MY.... GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!


*whisper* YOU ARE...!!!

what? im what?

YOU ARE....!!!!

im what?!!!

YOU ARE ... Ge....Ge......GAY?

*smile* HUH? What the hell are you doing here?

Im temaning my friend here.. he asked me to come...

Uh Huh...*rolleyes*

so his friend came up to me and intro and etc, it turns out that he is another super SLUT and was a few friends' ex.. what a night and that awesome SLUT told me that my friend here is STRAIGHT and that Slut brought him here just to experience the gay scene thingy.. he is PRO GAY but NOT GAY.. 




i mean.. when in school youre like the strictest  prefect ever!!

huh? got or not?!!!

you're the strictest Ketua Disiplin ever and everyone hates you to the max!! OH MY GOSH!!!

calm down alright...

OH MY GOSH I cant believe TULS is gay!! i thought that our school is GAY free but OH MY GOSH the Ketua Disiplin is... OH MY GOSH!!!!!


i mean... wow.. no one knows man in the school... wow...

haha.. i wasnt that obvious la.. 

OH MY GOSH... dont worry.. i wont tell anyone about this..

in my heart i was hoping for him to say it for the longest time but then it occur to me SO WHAT if he knows? he knows he knows la.. if he wants to tell the whole world then let it be la... hahaha..i was afraid for nothing.. if im afraid of letting people know then i shouldnt even come here at all. ahahaha.. oh well.. i guess I AM THAT FAMILIAR FACE TO THAT YOUNG BOY that night.. hahahahaha..

he was still shocked and he cant believe that i AM for the whole freaking night!! and kept Oh My Gosh-ing..

God Bless You S.C...


  1. LOL...i didnt know u r the head prefect tht evry1 hate ....hahahha...thats why, looks is deceiving. its always more than meets the eye :P

  2. The line "Hey, you look very familiar to me" is overly used.

    Somehow when one approaches me using this way, I'll go speechless. Got to work way much harder to make the lasting first impression.

  3. I laughed out when I read this line... OH MY GOSH I cant believe TULS is gay!! i thought that our school is GAY free but OH MY GOSH the Ketua Disiplin is... OH MY GOSH!!!!!

    You sure your friend is straight? Hehehe... and the part where you're not afraid to let people know who you are? Hmmm... then why you so scared when I tag you in FB? Slap you!!! Lol...

  4. Straight guys rarely go to gay club. YOu sure he is all that straight?

  5. Ketua disiplin, how strict are you jek? xD

  6. @cloud ~ its ketua disiplin... hahahaha,,,, oh well.. its like brapa kurun dulu liao...

    @cx ~ hahahaha...

    @calvin ~ i perfectly sure.. his dressing is so lau sau.. no gay guy would wear that!! *slap you back*

    @savante ~ hahahahahaha... i dono la.. aiyor.. you guys make me think twice.. but.. erm.. 99% straight! hahahahaha...

    @alex ~ BENT OVER ALEX!! *piak piak piak*.. you like it you like it? hahahahahahha

  7. =Harh? I thought you were the Bendahari and I was the KD? haha wonder who you freakin' bumped into in a gay club, but still claims that he's straight!