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Monday, February 7, 2011

grindr gone..

after battling myself for so long trying to figure out to tell or not to tell that pabo bubu, i finally burst out and vomit everything thats on my mind since the first day he got his grindr thingy..

im not a control freak and i dowan you to change yourself just because of me but the grindr thing is pissing me off somehow for like a few months already..

yes i know your intentions for that grindr thing is just to make friends and nothing else and you never hide anything in grindr from me but.. i cant tahan the fact that guys keeps pursuing you asking for sexy time, websex etc..

the act of you checking your grindr is like the attention is there for it and not for me.. grindr is a wicked application for people who are in a relationship..

yes i believe you and trust you but i dont believe them and trust them.. those other grindr-ers.

a friend told me that if i dont let you know what i feel then i will be the one getting hurt in the end.. i dont really mind at first but cos of the additive effect of other couples deleting grindr, of you going out to clubs without me, of this short long term relationship has all build up a wave of jealousy, frustration and mixed feelings inside of me and it had just breach the breaking point...

and when i found out that youve deleted grindr even before i told you this makes me even happier..

im smiling like a lil kid for a whole damn day yesterday.. haha.. stupid pabo..

pinch your pipi...


  1. Glad to hear that too...I had the same problem like you (but I had never installed Grindr in my ip4 but my dear did), and we discussed and finally he agreed to remove it from his ip4 too...I believe, being lovin couple (of course not those open relationship one. Even open relationship sifu like Takashi has also deleted his), Grindr does more damaging than anything.

  2. hmm..takashi also delete it...grindr should be for singles imho...

  3. And who is that friend of yours to say those wise words?

  4. Hope you guys get this resolved soon. =)

  5. phew... saw ur title and thought grindr got bankrupt or something before i even got my iPhone.. lol! but yea, grindr shud add an option for couples to register and banned indecent photos/msg exchanged or some warning detector, unless it is declared as open rs.. its evil =p

  6. Long live grindr!!!! Muahahaahaha... -.-

  7. Yeap, I am turning over a new leaf now.. dun wanna lose my darling :P

  8. Heck, i'm not attached but i really feel like deleting it. grr

  9. @skysky ~ skysky knows best :)

    @orange wee ~ its a new board game for gays.. evil!!

    @ash ~ yup!! and sluts..

    @calvin ~ *look left and right* dono... :)

    @savoir ~ resolved le.. xie xie..

    @kidz ~ yea... evil secara langsung!!

    @PFJ ~ sei ham sap lou!! good for you!! more balcony action please!!

    @takashi erichiro ~ yes!! good good!! youre one of the boost for my emotional spill.. thanks..

    @JonC ~ please do... thank you.. :)