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t u l s

Monday, February 21, 2011

go study!!

two presentations on monday and tuesday next week and a report to hand in on wednesday.. its gonna be a hectic week this week.. stupid sohai groupmate only know how to fucking say wait la.. i will give you tomorrow.. and that fucking tomorrow never comes de lor..

hm... in the end i'll do everything!! eeeeeeeeee.. bencis bencis bencis!!!

im not that big square anymore.. big square = generous in kantonese.. i used to not tell bubu what my real heart wants but now sudah malas i cakap secara terus terang.. haha...

hm... these days hor im kinda free la...


cos grindr deleted edi mar...

instead of go download back grindr la.. i dont mind de.. i said: GO STUDY!!

i think it gave bubu a shock but it was hilarious in a way on how i said it and he laughed for the longest mindless time ever! hahahaha.. mindless as in his laugh not the time.. so kebodohan.. haha.. but yala.. in my heart everyday go out, everyday tuition, everyday dance dance.. never study!! always last minute!! feel like pinching him!!!


  1. OMG! This is by far the most funniest post and drawing ever! Your 'benci' got 's' some more. Hahahaha!!!

    You can even piss on the phone and turn your head all the way back to scold him to go study. Hahahaha!!! And you managed to captured his facial expression with the body language looking scared being scolded by you. Hahahaha!!!

  2. Don't wait for them, do your part and if you are done with it...then try to prepare ahead of time.

    Damn, that's why I like to be the group leader whenever there's an assignment.

  3. your "big square" got me thinking for a sec there.

  4. Your drawing skills seem to be improving :P


    Good luck for the presentations!!

  5. @calvin ~ thanks!!

    @cx ~ group leader :) i dont like de..

    @savoir ~ hahaahhaah.. im a kantonese shit!

    @A ~ thanks! i realize that too :)