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Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day?

its like any other outing we go.. special in its own unique way..

he picked me up from Uni and we did what normal couples did.. dinner.. a walk.. movies.. then exchange of gifts..

hahahaah.. laugh my ass off when i receive this small little box of chocolate :)

guess what, underneath each chocolate lies a small note..

hehe.. wanna know what note is it?

kihihi... each note open up is a MIN SEI GAM PAI.. you know in ancient china the king will present one or two of his Pingat Avoid Mati berwarna GOLD to his favourite subject thingy? hahaha..

but this one is different in its own way.. its free pass for different different stuffs :)

the first one is ..

cheh.. this one i dont need also can la right?!! hahaha.. maybe its for some awkward embarrassing moment.. hm.. lemme think... in front of his relatives i use this pass then gone case la him.. BUBU, why are you hugging that boy?!! OH OH!! hahahahahaah

the second one...

this one must use when i super super tired that time and when he ask a massage from me i shall use this so he had to massage me instead! hahahaha...

the third one..

yer.. this one for what? for me to complain to him bout him? so bodoh la bubu!! *slap slap* some more got free pinching.. walau!!! hahahahaha.. siao siao de.. i pinch him outside.. i hurt on the inside!.. corny much.. *vomits*

the fourth one..

20 min?!!! 10 min also i tak sampai hati la want 20 min? siao siao that boy.. wanna spice up our relationship also not this cara mar...

the fifth one..

hehe.. this one boleh pakai.. i will use this when he PMS.. hwa.. he damn emo pun i tak kisah asyik kiss kiss kiss jer.. see how he gonna react! hahahahahaha...

and LASTly..

this one damn subjective!! i like.. will slowly think of what i want... hm... *thinking to myself* fisting.. feeting.. SM.. lalalala

i love you bubu.. happy valentines day :)


  1. Are there any expiry dates to the free passes ?

  2. more evil qustion.. did he specify 'non-transferable' =p

  3. hahaha! brilliantly adorable!

  4. hahahahhaa....damn funny and ur intention of using them is damn mischevous....hahahaa...cant stop laughing XD

  5. Whao great idea! But I think the free pass to anything is even more powerful than then min sei gum pai :P

  6. @little prince ~ hahahaha.. i know.. its so awesome.. sweetness..

    @CX ~ hahahahah.. got wor.. one year.. he just said it just now,.. hahahah.. verbal terms and condition wtf.. hahah

    @kidz ~ hahahahaha... he did not but of cos its non transferable.. he is mine!! grr!! hahahaha

    @3quarks ~ thanks for visiting 3quarks!! :)

    @savante ~ hahahah.. so.. any suggestions?

    @ryanrenster ~ yalor... muacks him!!

    @cloud ~ hahahahaha...

    @savoir ~ kihihihi.. lots of dirty thoughts in my mind now.. heheheh...

  7. Verbal contract not valid. Must be written. Lol...

  8. hahahahaha... if expired edi then nehmind lor.. ahahaha.. i will still use it forcefully.. muahahahahahah!!