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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post Secret

wohooo!! wake up in the morning feeling like P. Didi.. pee didi(dick) hahaa.. i received a parcel this morning.. bangun jer the parcel was right beside me..

baru jer kenal that friend for a week and there i got this gift from him :) it was so so so so so cute and sweet to do so, even bubu ask me who the hell gave it to me as it tickles him why sent me a present just after knowing me for a week? hehe.. stupid pabo.. there is nothing in between us de :) 

i was so happy cos macam tak pernah dapat benda benda macam ni before secara tibetibe.. 

and guess what kat dalam?

its a book.. but not just any book.. its a secret book... hehe


its an ongoing community project in the US where people will send in their secrets on a side of the post card anonymously to this place and they compiled it an make it into a book :) this is their webpage.

cos i ni memang shallow sikit, this book is perfect for me!! not much words in it... all cartoon and secrets.. its so awesome!! ada yang scandalous.. ada yang very sad and emotional.. some are really inspiring and some are just plain hillarious! hahahaha.. kids as young as 5 sends in theirs as well.. cuteness overload!!

thanks so much you. you know who you are.. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!


  1. thanks delusion!! i know!! i am! hahahahaha

  2. hmmm..interesting book...i shall buy it....

  3. haahah.. alright.. good choice!!