t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

short term LDR...

dint meet my baby bubu for exactly one week le.. lots of things happened in this one week.. i dint fucking masturbate at all.. its so unlike me!!

i cant wait to see him today.. coming back le from this small town of Johor...

no more fun chiong soup for me... i will miss my grandma.. she has oedema.. so kesian.. taking chinese medicine and i cant like do anything to help her so all i did was just to help her to do the house chores so that she doesnt need to work her old ass off this cny.. stupid relatives dono how to help her with the chores one.. feel like slapping them..

bubu.. realized that i miss him like even more le.. will appreciate the time left with him.. 6 months more and i will be off to angmokio(i wish).. to ang mo land... damn shingz.. this short term ldr is like a preview to our long term ldr.. lots of thingy will appear, conflict.. drama.. misunderstanding.. frustration.. miscommunication all did we experience even just in this one short week..

and it boils down to trust and commitment..

hopefully our foundation is strong to last this ldr..


see you in a few hours you bubu baby... blek!!


  1. Sure you can....so long you don't notti and slutty or vice versa. But mind you...not easy...

  2. LDR = Lovey Dovey Relationship

    LDR = Lustfully Deep-seated Relationship

    HAHAHA.. I know!! I am LAME.. NLOL!

  3. Yup, Skyhawk will be the right kind of guy to advise on this.

    Me on the other hand, never been in a relationship, so can't really comment much.

  4. with the technology, both of u can still see each other...webcam, video call...

    as long as both of u love and care for each other deep enough, you will patiently wait for each other.


  5. sky... wats "not easy" suppose to mean leh.. someone had been notti and slutty once? =p

  6. LoL, at least now no more grindr rite :p


  7. LDR adviser kena 'cha' by Kidz pulak! You lah yang notti and slutty...lolx!

  8. @skysky ~ kihihihi....

    @byronmc ~ wah.. lameness setanding i! bagus!! me likey!! wahahaha..

    @CX ~ never meh? yao mo... hehe.. you will find mr right de.. its all about timing..

    @cloud ~ i know how to read mandarin but got no clue whats the last line talking about hahahahahahaha... so much for a B4! hahahahaha

    @kidz ~ wooooooo.. think so too.. kihihihahahahah!!

    @lucas ~ yup! super happy!!

    @sky2 ~ you both are notti ok.. i am the judge! hahahaha