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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Gay and Be Proud!!

was out with bubu on valentines day and we bumped into my uni batch juniors, two girls and they said hi and wave and then ciao.. i was with holding my bag and bubu was holding his dslr, we look very mismatched as i have just finished a presentation so was wearing formal and he was like in his normal wear for outing.. haha.. opposites attract moment hahaha.. *rolleyes*

after getting movie tix for our show we went for dinner and guess what!? the two juniors sat right next to us a minute after that.. gosh.. hahaha.. i waved and smiled.. gosh.. what a coincidence.. ..bubu and i dint do anything cheesy or pda whatsoever la.. we sat and sat and they left and we were still eating.. haha.. big appetite that day..

then after dinner we went browse through a pharmacy nearby the cinema before watching the movie and guess what? my classmate, two of them(dint know they were a couple until that day) showed up beside and said hi and i was acting super normal and..

hey TULS, youre here? alone?

er.. nope. with a friend. *pointing towards bubu, he was at a distance so he dint said hi or anything.. haha..*

oh.. *thinking alot, feel like slapping her ask her to go away*

so what youre doing here?

gonna watch a movie lor.. 

what movie wor? *anxious to know whether we bought the tix to the same movie*


oh.. that show is fucking funny!! *i watched that show twice already in the cinema, this time we bought some other show.. hehe*

yeah.. i saw your status saying how funny it was only decided to watch one..

so after that they left, and then today morning when i was having breakfast in uni they came and join me cos i was sitting alone.. after ordering smua smua.. 

so, how was your valentine?

it was alright...

who is that guy?

my boyfriend la.. *smile*


ish.. from that point i dont really care already.. if they wanna spread then spread la.. ahahahah.. sometimes i say i dont care, but deep down inside i think i still do care maybe a lil itsy bit.. hm... my bff in uni knows about it and say:




  1. Jason, you also can be proud too. Go tell your parents tonight! Hahahaha!!!

    tuls: Yes, I totally agree on the point where you said you always say you don't care but actually, deep down, you do care! Hahaha!!! Pan yeh only!!!

  2. It's ok to acknowledge who we are. In fact I am comfortable when it comes to making friends.

  3. Can call u Brave Tuls now... hahaha...

  4. @jason ~ yup!!

    @calvin ~ hahahahaha... i like la!! blek!!

    @CX ~ :) kihihi.. i wanna be your friend CX..

    @whizkid ~ hallelujah!! happy cny whizkid!!

    @takashi ~ :)

    @bravebear ~ master brave, thank you!! :)

  5. Can, but can't guarantee whether you'll be comfortable with me or not.