t u l s

t u l s

Friday, February 4, 2011


rabbit new year this year and the first day was filled with FULs..


cos my grandma made canned abalone, fish, 2 chickens, pork intestine soup,  fish "piu" soup, mix vege and "mun" pork! hahaha.. i had 2 servings of rice for each meal and oh my im fat now!! hahahahaha.. dah la belum berak the dalam lagi besar! wahahahaha...


here in johor damn peaceful, my grandma's place is located right up the hill, no banjir whatsoever, if my place banjir then the whole johor will be an island around my house.. hahahaha.. my cousins are all out of high school, no friends will come and no relative will come visit as relatives are mostly out of the country.. so im here all alone with my grandparents.. so nice.. 


my cousin thats just turned legal brought his friends over this morning for some fun time.. hehe.. i joined la duh.. at first lost a few tens.. but then i took charge and became the dealer and with 5 streaks of 21 i won back what i lost and earn one stack myself.. hahahaha... rm1 notes nia,, not much.. play small small.. hahaha..

oh well.. will have to cardio off my fats soon!! hehe...

Happy Rabbit New Year people!! :) have fun!!


  1. Wah! From TULS to FULS... terror!!! Hahahaha!!!

  2. when u say fruitful i really thought u go to dusun or something -__-"

  3. nice to know ure enjoying ureself so much... FULly deserve it:)


  4. @calvin ~ hahahahha.. thanks one ok!!

    @vincent ~ hahahahaha... i wish! hahahahahah!! hahahaha... here got mountain so can say dusun also la.. haha..

    @waile ~ wah... so boomz edi la you! very good!! can relate with my topic.. hahaha...

  5. Sure you don't have friends visiting you? ;)