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Saturday, February 19, 2011

break up..?

we were having a double date with another couple in MV today and suddenly  the other couple was talking bout ex-es, good ex, bad ex, ex became best friend etc...

where are you going for your twinning?


oh.. wah.. how long?

two years minimum... hm...

mm.. alright...

yup.. we are breaking up for awhile...


haha.. yup.. he is gonna be my ex.. the good ex..



then later we talked about a lil on career and stuffs then went for a movie.. on the way when bubu was sending me home..

so you really meant it when you told D that we are gonna break when you leave to UK?

i mean.. i'll do whatever its best for us.. 


its so like the movies kan?

whats that?

like, i'll wait for you... 2 years also i will wait.. but in the end...

yeah.. we will just hope that this movie has a good ending la HOR!!!!


*serious tone* i'll wait for you if you can promise me that you'll wait for me..

i will..

aww... so sweet right, i know. *rolleyes*... but how is it gonna end no one will know.. kihihi.. just hope for the best!! :)


  1. OMG! When he says, "I'll wait for you if you can promise me that you'll wait for me."... don't you wish you just wanna stay with him and not go anywhere? Hehehe...

  2. Didn't know that you'll be taking a boat ride to UK. Heheh...

    Indeed, 2 years will pass by very fast. Worth waiting.

  3. i believe both of u will wait patiently for each other =)

  4. No worries, it may seem like 2yrs is very long....but in a blink of an eye, you'd be back to kl and in ur bubu's arms in no time. Plus, im sure there's break where u can come back kan? O.O

  5. It was 5-year in The Rebound... so, stay strong!

  6. Keeping a long-distance relationship alive is really difficult. Be good friends that part for a while. Don't expect too much from him.

  7. hahaha. the drawing so drama. taking boat to UK. hahaha

  8. @calvin ~ yupyup!!

    @CX ~ exxagerated!! haha.. hopefully la..

    @takashi ~ hahaha.. like you meh.. so near!!

    @jason ~ congratulation jason!!! you too ldr!! fighting!!

    @cloud ~ i believe it too :)

    @alex ~ eeeeek.. dono leh.. hopefully ada la..

    @kidz ~ uh huh.. yes master!!

    @paulie ~ thats what we plan at first too.. hm... see la how..

    @xavierD ~ hahahaha.. terpaksa!! :) ahahahaha

  9. Lol AirAsia cheap cheap onli.. If u can go uk, wats a thousand ringgit kan? I see u in London next summer ok!

  10. ohhh...all the best queen of selat....and hope you'll be able to tahan your 'hunger' abroadXD

  11. @takashi ~ hahahahaha.. if i go to london then alright!! mei wen ti!!

    @ash ~ dont worry.. abroad also under my selat.. so no prob one!! thanks!!

  12. I wish you two all the best in your relationships! I am sure everything will turn out fine!

    Oh and btw tuls, when are you heading to the UK?

  13. @ryanrenster ~ thankiu so much!! im going early September.. will be free after finals in June :) haha