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t u l s

Sunday, February 27, 2011


yup.. i just got my passport this morning.. it may not be a big deal to many of you but.. hm.. alright, i just cant wait to taste the air across the sea.. as the saying goes, the grass is greener on the other side.. haha..

was talking to a friend before this that was over in sabah and he asked me to go to visit...

hey, come la come to sabah for a visit...

erm... nola...

bring your boyfriend along la..

huh? mm... nola...

why not?

i got no passport...

*burst thout laughing* HAHAHAHAHAHA


you dont need a passport to go to your own country la...

*malu* oh.. really arr? 


i just experience the rusa masuk kampung moment...

babi laugh me.. cb i felt so silly.. whatever la... back to work.. long week ahead...


  1. You made my day. Thank you.. Hohoho.

  2. erm... i never been to sabah but i heard you need to bring it along, but not need to use it..

  3. now no need d lah.. last time used to required to bring

  4. if you wanna go for vacation, which less than 3 months, you don't have to bring anything, just IC. You will receive a receipt, KEEP that because you have to return it when you leave Sabah/Sarawak. If you are going there more than 3 months, you have to make a passport. :)

  5. ain't it weird that visiting between east and west require passport. If west went to east require passport, that mean west msia don't consider sabah and sarawak in the Malaysia cause u only require passport when visit another country

  6. There was one time.. I had had lost my IC in England and I came back home depending solely on getting into Malaysia with my passport.. and then.. when I had a few days of stop in KL before heading back to KK I lost my passport!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luckily someone found it and gave it to me... I was an illegal immigrant for almost 1 hour.. =S

  7. erm, if sarawak to west, no need passport.... west to east need passport. but if staying there longer (etc 3months), will require Dokumen perjalanan terhad.

  8. Didn't know that you are a Bieber fan...

  9. yes. vacation and cuci2 mata dont need passport.

    But, going to work in Sbh/Swak, or study (Swak) you need to have the blue passport

    p/s Luckily I dont have to buat passport to go to my hometown :)

  10. I love your passport...I mean Justin Bieber...lolx!

  11. @takashi, PFJ, C'est lavie, willk, Whizkid ~ hihi.. thanks..

    @daniel ~ you are welcome!! :)

    @byronMC ~ sometimes the foreigners/illegal imigrants are kinda hot dont you think so? hhahaha.. grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    @CX ~ im very mainstream... i dont hoose.. as long as that person has a good voice then i suka liao! :)

    @Joey ~ lets go cuci mata!! :)

    @skysky ~ hahahaha... my hair i wanna do like that! but not long enuff!! :)

    @koala ~ UK! but thailand... hm... see la... hahahahahaa

  12. Aiyo.. you and your raging hormones..!! =p