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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sohai groupmate..

recently had been rushing for this presentation thingy in school so.. and one of it was a group presentation and my oh my when we chose the group that time hor i pitied this young boy that no one wants to group with cos of his weird english accent so i joined him knowing that he is a very very very useful asset cos he is smart and his english is the best in class but fuck then came another guy who was actually in another group but left them to join us and i was like oh my god, why must it be him leh?!!!!

then nevermind, our presentation topic was given to us.. hm.. i saw him giving his talk last year already and knows he talks grandfather story when he forgets his point so this year i wanna make sure that he gets all his facts before presenting but guess what, his relative passed away.. nevermind.. that one i understand.. its ok.. i did my slides and his slides for him as well.. that one i dont really mind, but when im done with my slides and i emailed it to him to go through 2 days before the presentation he say he will read it so good la but mana tau the day before presenting he still havent read wor but he can online facebook everything..

and when i thought of going over to his place to tell him about the presentation he is still at his hometown in Kelantan, OH MY LORD!! fucking assessed punye presentation and we the group pun tak buat any rehearsals whatsoever.. fuck man.. other than that i still need to prepare my individual presentation and study for the tests as well and everything was just so hectic and with the unprepared groupmate thingy im even more anxious and worried..

anyway i waited for him to come back to KL and went all the way to his house at 12.30am on the presentation morning itself to explain to him whats the topic all about.. and fuck he just dont get his part at first... then lepas tu dapat, tu nevermind, i gave him the easiest part to do edi.. then when it comes to explaining i wrote everything down in the additional notes space in the powerpoint slides but he suka jer use his own words kononnyer wanna try to be different.. i put it there to help him kan, i dont really mind if he use it bulat bulat cos the point is correct, but when he uses his own word to interpret it the whole meaning sudah tertukar !! omg!! i feel like jumping off his condo unit that time!! like seriously!! i rehearse with him 3 rounds, his part is only 6 mins la.. come on 3 rounds and he say he is tired wanna sleep!! oi brother, i slept for 2 hours for 2 nights and you think youre tired just by facebooking!! i smiled and then wish him goodnight cos there were a few of his housemate around so i just left....

i went home and continued my stuff and only got 2 hours of sleep again and then to school.. fuck.. then i rehearse with him again and the other smart boy, the smart boy gets the whole picture fast so his part went smoothly.. but hmm...

then the presentation started, mr-grandfather story went first.. surprisingly he is better than last night oh my gosh thank you.. and then mr-smarty pants turn and then mine.. after the whole session was over and we get our feedbacks and marks, our group scored the highest.. hm.. thats why i gave credit to myself.. for doing most of this shit.. the next presentation cant be like this anymore and i have to be stucked in that group throughout this sem.. gosh!! 2 more presentations with them lagi.. 

kill me!!


  1. OMG!!! That's is just so hilarious! I mean by the way you write it. But yeah, I can feel how irritated and worried you were at that time but well, at least your effort was not gone to drain and your group scored well. Well done! Next time, don't do last minute and don't lose your sleeps, ok?

    Wah! The laptop got the Apple logo some more. Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. haha the yellow ball is hot, the sun is red. laugh.die.me.

  3. IF i meet with the Why-must-it-be-him guy, I am sure I will lose temper and scold him kao lat kao lat~ :D

  4. hahaha. funny. Happy Chinese New Year btw. ^^

  5. It's part of the learning process, you will meet more clowns when you start working.

  6. @calvin ~ sajeje apple tu. hahahaha.. nak make it obvious its a lappie mar :) thanks..

    @lil prince ~ hahahahaha... i know... hahahah... terima kasih :)

    @talented boy ~ yes man, you should scold him to the kao-latness of all!!! but he is friggin tallya know.. around 184.. hahaha..

    @xavierD ~ happy rabbit new year kawan!! :)

    @D ~ alright.. i guess so too! :)