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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

coupling period...

just in the last 2 days i found out 5 of my fabulous friends has been engaged to someone else.. maybe not engage so serious la like bubu and i(perasan) but as in in a relationship lor.. wah.. power right?

1 of them walking distance relationship..

1 of them bicycle distance relationship..

1 of them car distance relationship

and the last 2 LDR 13 hours apart..

love also got musim meh?

damn power lor.. i was shocked by a few of them.. like seriously.. some tried to hide from his close friends but tak jadi cos its too hard to not expose it.. it all shows on their face and their mood :) kan? some dint even try to hide just that i was so busy to not contact them for quite sometime.. some i dont even thought that they are possible to be in a relationship but oh well.. nothing is impossible..

two of them bloggers some more :) ho ho ho.. hahahaha... another blogger was like asking me..

why now all the blogger also taken de?


i think i also want to find a blogger le!!

another blogger was like saying..

hey, why now LDR like very heng like that one?

huh? got meh...

yalah.. everyone also ldr...

hahaah... difficult de la...

hm.. i think i also wanna find LDR also la...



  1. Find one From Sabah and you do fine , trust me haha

  2. yes,have period,imho it might related with astrological factor.....around 6 months before was the 'breakup period'

    p/s:can i add you on facebook please?:)

  3. HAHAHA.. I am from Sabah..!!! w00tz!

  4. Not all bloggers are taken *wink wink*

    Btw i'm back after a long disappearing act, like Houdini ;)

  5. J-boy is right. Not all bloggers are attached.


  6. Why suffer through a long distance :) Takes a lot of effort!

  7. I bet it's because of the mating season.. u know 2-14, where love is in the air and everyone makes them.. =p

  8. ldr not for everyone, unless you have a very long ....... lol

  9. Sarawakian nice oso. *eyeing on someone in my uni* LOL...

  10. @mycroft ~ hahaahah.. my ldr will commence sooner than you know.. oh well..

    @lucifer ~ thanks for outing my real name! :) muacks!

    @ash ~ hahahaha.. got such thing one arr? i dont believe in all those..

    about fb thingy, erm... maybe not now..

    @byronmc ~ hahahaahah... alright! i love peeps from sabah!! :)

    @J-boy ~ welcome back!! miss you from the scene!! cant wait for your new post! make sure not emo anymore alright?!! *hugs*

    @CX ~ hahahahaha.. you want me to intro you to that blogger or not CX??!!

    @savante ~ zao hai gong!! some people tak think properly one..

    @kidz ~ oh my gucci.. dint realize!! youre absolutely right!!!

    @goMercury ~ dick? mine is cute.. so short term only la? hahahahahahahaah

    @bravebear ~ woooooooo.. scandal!! i tell your dardar!! hahahahahaha