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Friday, February 11, 2011

totally forgotten...

it was 9 days since i last saw bubu and it was like the longest time ever.. he was out with his bff all morning that day and we agreed to meet after my class ends at 5 so i picked him up after class and we went for dinner nearby in SS2 Kayu Nasi Kandar lor.. my favourite!!

he took out his phone and checked his grindr thingy..

so, got any hot guys arr?


i was so happy to see him i did not care about the grindr thing and just ate and all then went for a movie with him in tropicana city mall after that..

after buying tix, we still have 1.5 hours to wait before the show starts so we sat down by the sofa(the sofa near borders damn comfy lor) and catch up on what we missed throughout the week... then suddenly out of curiosity bubu asked me..

b, where is the place we ate just now?

erm.. SS2 lor... why?

oh.. there also consider SS2 arr?

yea.. different side la.. its called Chow Yang(dono spelling correct ornot)...

oh.. quite a lot of people using grindr there hor..

mm.. yalor.. ...aiya now almost everyone in PJ and KL also got grindr de la.. everyone is using iphone liao.. or bb.. or any smartphone thingy.. even ipod also can use grindr la.. very big deal meh?

*omg wtf you so stupid look* you still dont get it do you?

what? *innocent face*

*youre so damn stupid look* oh my  gosh...


yea.. he deleted grindr long time edi.. just wanna test my reaction thought that it might make me angry cos he still use grindr but mana tau i totally forgotten about the grindr thing.. hahaha... I LOVE YOU BUBU.. you pabo boy... 


  1. I feel so scary to know how your brain actually works. Hahahaha!!! But I think after many years of pushing away any unhappy thoughts or incidents, you have succeeded in not even remember a thing today, thus, the consequence is your brain now won't always remember small little things once it's over just like how you forgotten that he has deleted the Grindr.

  2. ya... i was quite confused as u mentioned he deleted it a long time ago lolx

  3. @bravebear ~ anor...

    @calvin ~ yup.. and im loving it.. at least stress free kejap..

    @vincent ~ hahahaha...

    @jonC ~ thanks!! :)