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Thursday, February 24, 2011

my Hero died!!

im driving a second hand Hero.. its as old as me i guess.. maybe a few years younger.. it died a few times in kota damansara when flashflood happens.. seriously this babe cant take any water at all.. sensitive kononnye.. damn benci kota damansara when it rains especially seksyen 7 onwards.. damn cb one..

so today as i was driving home from uni passed by glomac kelana from subang airport, tibetibe jer it rained cows and bulls.. like cb big! cb also not that big.. as i was driving up the ramp that joints the subang airport road to USJ, gosh.. there were three parts that were flooded! damn smelly vagina(chao hai) right?!!! come on la.. ramp also can fucking flood one what is this man!! those who build this shit sux man!! fuck!! 

and gam ngam my car died lor at one of the high tide part.. cb spoil my mood... damn sohai one the engine stops ribe tibe then the car still moving then you can see the rpm thing died and gosh.. it felt like the end of the world.. so i was stuck there lor.. waited for the air to surut i think 30 mins or something.. tried to restart lucky holy mary mother of god the car came alive!! goodness.. my car inside was damn humid liao..

i hate the rain..

i hate flood..

i dont like water..

oh my baby Hero..


  1. @kidz ~ i revived it back already!! lucky!! haha

    @D ~ tidaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @cX ~ no lor.. i waited until it dried then i restart then ok!! stuck there cam like 1 hour leh... :(