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t u l s

Sunday, February 6, 2011

are you a SLUT?!!!

so i set up a poll last month asking the viewers are you a slut putting YES, NO & GOING TO BE as answers and guess what? 60 votes wor..haha...

18 of you say yes!! GOOD GAME SLUTS!! 

14 of you say GOING TO BE?! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got premonition like phoebe from Charmed?!! i wanna know who are the ones man.. kihihi.. can gib you tips.. hahahaha...

28 of you said NO. awwwwwwwwwwww.. what good people you guys.. *rolleyes*

hahahahaa.. more than have of you are potentials sluts so yay!! wahahahha.. i wasnt expecting this kinda results but its kinda awesome.. hahaha.. polls are awesome.. but wah.. saw, got balance balance de between the readers.. at least not all sluts.. hahahahaha.. half half ratio.. can la.. hahahaha.. HUAT ARR!

cant imagine there are so many sluts out there.. hm.. is it just our fabulous circle or even normal straight people are the same too? luckily im attached.. no need to fight for partner/spouse/fubu.. ahahahahaha... hm... the good old days... hahahahaha..

what should be my next poll leh? :)


  1. Next poll will be, have you ever sleep with other guy while attached with someone??

  2. Which is better, being a slut or being a whore? LOL!

  3. Hahahahahaha!!! Got cheerleader some more for each side. Hahahahahaha!!! Once again, love the choice of colour you used.

  4. i am sexually adventurous, which category is that? :P

  5. @just B3cks ~ ok ok.. noted..

    @byronmc ~ whore more jiok sou but money was not in mind then so i terjadi slut...

    @calvin ~ er.... thanks.. hahahaahhaha...

    @D ~ maksudnyer you belum jadi.. so youre in the Going To Be category.. hahah..

  6. XavierD ~ tips becoming a slut? hahahahaha.. nah.. http://iwasaslut.blogspot.com/2010/11/slut-10-commandments.html