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Thursday, March 31, 2011

will you lie?

what will you do if your boyfriend ask you to compare him and his best friend

baby, you think who is hotter arr?

baby, who is more handsome arr?

baby, is he sexy? 6 pecs wor... i dont have...

baby this baby that...

what will you say?

will you lie to your boyfriend just to make him feel happy because there is no doubt that his best friend is 123456.78 times hotter than your bf?

or will you indirectly ignore that question and say something like i chose you wert... will that be enough to stop him from pestering you? will he accept it? hahahaha...

what if he ask you again? how can you reassure him that you love him only? what can you say?

till what extent will you find it annoying and think that this guy has such low esteem and its time for you to move on to the next relationship? or maybe move to his best friend instead?

ps: this has nothing to do with bubu.. i muacks him a lot.. :)


  1. cant u guys look at inner-fucking-beauty . outer beauty wont last!

  2. someone once told me...
    if u want find better partner, u will never satisfy with the current one. this is because u will see better as time so by....
    BUT u will only find one that suit u the BEST....
    He need not to be the best partner but he will be the one who suit u the most...

  3. baby, you think who is hotter arr? - he lo. but kari laksa hottest..

    baby, who is more handsome arr? - he lo. but we watching fighter later, marky mark handsomer.

    baby, is he sexy? 6 pecs wor... i dont have...
    yah he sexy...

    after all that...
    ..."but, only u make me happy wor... how?"
    *proceed to hot love making*

  4. A lil' white lie could bring harmony and keeps everyone happy! ;)

  5. I choose the best friend (base on your drawings).

  6. A good boyfriend shud do something like this,

    'Hold him firmly on both shoulder, look firecely into his eyes, then kiss him real hard on the lips (for maybe 5 minutes if can manage?), and lastly say, "no matter how hot the other guys are, they will never get this"... '

    -Taiwan drama says this will work..

  7. Wow. Who is the best friend? Suggest a threesome of course!

  8. Lol
    The guy chose him, he chose the guy enough said. Who is hotter don't care la, if you want just go the hotter guy lo then come back to the bf/lover
    Bf/lover for emotional needs , hotter guy for psychical needs
    One guy can't give it all what.

    FYI beauty is all in the inside , but i don't think everyone agrees with that even I don't believe that. ^^

  9. I will hold him tight, kiss him more than 5 mins (better than Kidz) and say: baby, you are the hottest man in this world! Inner beauty last...

    Hahah...3-some sound good too!

  10. my answer:
    he may be hotter than you but like i care and give a damn of it?!you're the perfect one and always the perfect one.

    *kiss him real hard and proceed to lovemaking session*

  11. I WILL LOOK AT HIS EYES AND SUDDENLY RIP HIS SHIRT OPEN IN FRONT OF EVERYONE , and literally fuck him in front of his friends and in public to teach him a lesson

  12. Depends on your bf, if he is sporting, then you don have to lie, if he is easy to get jealous, then better dun.

    But in the end, it's all heart that matter :)

  13. seems like your friend has only got "SEX" in him. not talking about ooi2009.

  14. there are always people better looking than others. as long as we see and forget it, then its ok. comparing wont make anyone happier... our loved one is more important, make him happy!!!! haha.. dont say things that will make him feel inferior. take care

  15. @ooi2009 ~ first impression is important no? if you dont generate a good first impression, how do you think you could even try approaching that person to talk and let your inner beauty shine?

    @naughty prince ~ yes i guess.. haha..

    @deicidal ~ wow! nice one! wohoo!! hahahaha.. *hugs* :)

    @gratitude ~ i like that too! :)

    @CX ~ off topic! hahahaha.. but ok la.. i give you kidz! :)

    @kidz ~ i wanna see you perform boleh? hahahaha.. CX, please help kidz!!

    CX and kidz, hopefully im not like making this awkward for the both of you ok! *grouphug!!*

    @savante ~ wahhahaahahahah... tak boleh!! incest incest!! hahahahaha... naughty paulie!!

    @mycroft ~ i think everyone thinks like you too.. hahaha.. oh well.. its true.. so the out of shape ones out there, if you got bf liao, please get in shape! hahahaah..

    @skyhawk ~ i tried kissing for hours once.. after thta lots of air.. from the front and the back.. eeeeeeeeeeee! hahahahaha..

    @ash ~ very keganasan!! :) i like!!

    @whizkid ~ hm.. what if the boyfriend sometimes jealous sometimes sporting?

    @clayden ~ hahahahahahahahahahahaahahah~~ i muacks you clayden! hahahahahahaha..

    @briXy ~ alright! roger and out! :)

  16. SUCH A DUMBASS , PLEASE TELL CLAYDEN THAT I KNOW HE MEANT ME WHEN HE WAS COMMENTING ON ME above . I CANT BELIEVE U CAN MAKE SUCH A BIG ISSUE OF THIS .Was he offended i regarded him as old calling him a dilf?Dear clayden , if u look old ,dont expect me to say ur young.I deleted the comment bcoz i felt no reason for me to say that as it ur blog TULS, not his .


    When i comment crap on pples posts , no one bothers , but when i say something that supposedly touches on someones nerve , a whole battalion of insults are hurled . Yes , I noticed u asked foxy to delete my posts too .Is it coz i say some truth , coz i touched on ur name and ichi's weight and claydens age? .I guess u guys are good at being so shallow looking and commenting abt other pples looks and body , but when i comment abt urselves , u dont seem to like it .

  17. Haha..not feeling any awkwardness at all.



    like i would even bother people calling me old? dude, if i'm 40, i act like i'm 40. I don't go around leaving comments and expect people to LIKE me because i leave a bloody comment on people's blog.

    OMG, which kid am i talking to?

  19. seriously...
    you guys really have no life outside of your tiny laptop screen is it? have to either create or contribute to comment wars...

    ( well, i'm contributing... so yea... )

    they are superficial...
    heck faggots are superficial...
    name me one gay guy in the entire universe who is not in any point of time in their lives that is NOT superficial...

    superficiality is just part and parcel of who we are...
    we can't run away from it...

    as much as we try to reinforce inner beauty...
    our dick head just can't comprehend that beauty enough to be excited...
    so yea, it sucks but it's reality...

    so why are you so troubled by their superficiality?

    let them be la...

    if they remove your comments from their blog, hey it's their blog, they can do whatever they want, and besides, maybe there are somethings in your comments that might not be suitable for public eye, eh?


    the reason why we are blogging i'm sure i'm speaking for many of us is to show a glimpse of our inner fabulous side away from any judgmental eyes...

    so why are we judging each other here when we are already being judge by the society out there?

    we should stick together as united bitches and not fight among each other... bringing our claws out and scratching each other's asshole...

    instead just accept each other and share what each have to offer...

    well, you can either agree or disagree i don't really care...

    but please... don't mess with my baby if you think you still want to enjoy life...
    and i'm speaking to anyone in the future who thinks by having an anonymous name spamming each other's blog is a good idea of a prank...

    peace out...

  20. wah.. my bubu so man.. dai sek! :)

    ooi2009, *hugs* just dont be hating on the homos.. fuck H8!!

  21. .I really dont care much abt what everyone writes.But when u delete my comments on foxy's blog and start getting all bitchy, i dont get it.If u want to tell me u deleted my comment , u can say i properly .I put a bit of ur names , but think !, if i wanted to tell ur identity wouldnt I have done that long time ago ? When i write comments its mostly childish , i guess u cant realise simple comments with serious ones .Go ahead say whatever u want .why the hell would i want to tell ur identity to everyone ? do u seriously think i want to do that ? i am childish , so ?please realise that the world u all are creating in this blog are a fantasy too, slutting and all -.-

  22. Lol... Sure sure... send CX over and i will show you how it is done, please attached a video cam in the delivery too.. Hahahaha..

    Ooi, did you ever watch movie? that's not real world either.

  23. Om Mane Padme Hummmmm


    *zips mouth*

  24. Hahah...demo video ? I am camera-shy person.


  25. @kidz and CX ~ eeeeeeee.. me likey! you two so sporting! guahahaha... too bad my leg cacat now, if not i also wanna join!! *rolleyes*.. hahaha..

    @Clayden ~ repent your sins son! *whip clayden's ass* i whip my hair back and forth i whip my hair back and forth!! :)