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t u l s

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

barber rubbing...

when i was younger.. in junior high i guess.. around the age of 13.. hair studios / saloon / salon was still rare back then.. so the only option was to go to the barber..

i never realize it was so interesting to cut hair until one day this happens..

he accidentally brushed his dick under his jeans on my hand.. i never notice that man until he did that.. he is in his 30s maybe.. super tan skin.. maybe foreigner i dono la.. pakistan or something.. maybe nyama? hahaha.. but.. yeah..

i thought it was accidental.. but i dont think so lor.. cos my hand was stationary right.. but after that whenever he is trimming my sides.. i will try to exert minimal movements of my hand on his dick area.. and wah i can feel erection de lor.. 

and since then i looked forward to cut my hair every month! :) hehe...


  1. If you were 13 that time.... then he must be a pedo!!?

  2. Tuls oh tuls, so young and ...

  3. hahaha. that is called frotteurism. ah.!

  4. can we have stores of subsequent visits? those 10 mins session after ur subsequent haicuts.. =p

  5. your blog name is so apt. :D

  6. walau so long ago already got target ledi XD

  7. oh i got those alot too when i went to the indian barber.

    slutting around starts young lol

  8. Tuls is tuls...slutty from infancy, toddle, teenager till now....

  9. @whizkid ~ maybe la... hahahaha.. dint occur to me then.. eeeeek!

    @CX ~ dot dot dot!!

    @lucifer ~ dint know got such term de!

    @D ~ hahahahahaha

    @kidz ~ stores? or stories? hahahaha.. stores then have to ask them to allocate.. stories then tarak cos tak buat there la.. that time still takut! hahahahah

    @savoir ~ what is apt wor?

    @tempus ~ wtf!! its not target la.. just leisure!! :)

    @nick nick! ~ i know! thank you! :)

    @lil fox ~ ooooo! slut five!! hahahahaha

    @skysky ~ hahahaha... shhh!! hopefully it will wear off in time :)