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Sunday, March 20, 2011

the harder to get, the more valuable it is?

why when its hard to get something, we will tend to get it no matter what it takes geh?

true or not?

be it diamonds, limited edition stuffs, hot guys etc...

but if we get it easily, will we truly appreciate it?

what if we get it after long battling and waiting etc.. will we still value it? will we value it even more?

there is always things that are new everyday and is sometimes hard to get your hands on..

so what after that? we get the ungettable stuff then we put it aside and search for new ungettable stuffs instead?

im talking bout guys here..

whats are the type of guys thats hardest to get?

taken ones of course.. hahahaha...

if the taken ones are easily obtained then they are no good anyway...

i have a friend who always end up being the third party unknowingly.. its not that he chose to... some attached guys are also still slutty trying to test other fishes in the curvy sea..

they wanna have a bf because they know that if anything happens they still can fall back to their bf, thats if the bf is stupid enough the accept them back la..

despite that they still wanna go out and search for fun, thats like so the tak tau menghargai kinda shit right? unless youre in an open relationship la which i tak recognized langsung in my peraturan and undang undang hukum kanun selat.

my topic deviate jor... ish.. 

whatever la..

how do we really get satisfied wor?


  1. I love that part bout "my peraturan and undang undang hukum kanun selat"

    Nak pinjam buku undang undang hukum kanun selat...

  2. Bukan semua macam tu geh... Got exception de...

  3. saya mahu order itu buku panduan @@

  4. We get satisfied when we make the best of what we have. You don't make lemonade when you have apples in hand.

  5. It's alright to play hard to get, provided both parties play it well.

    But then sometimes, one will tend to be softer at heart. So in the end, he will be the one that will be easily "bought" by people.


  6. u can say like this to those that do open relationship.XD

    Dibawah akta 69 seksyen 96 kanun hukum kanun selat anda didapati melakukan 'open relationship'.Oleh itu 'burung' anda tidak dibenarkan 'memancut' selama 1 tahun dalam apa jua keadaan

  7. OMG! I laugh so hard at Ash eats godiva's comment. Damn funny! Hahahaha!!!

    I like this post and you know what, there's an element that I like about you. You write serious issues with a very laid-back style which is easy to understand yet addresses the topic.

  8. It's this mentality that causes guys to play hard to get. It's part of the 'chase' right! XD

    On another note, we also appreciate things more when they are new... 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam' is such an excellent peribahasa. Over time, the appreciation just fades. I guess that's why relationships expire.

  9. i personally can't accept open relationship, but as long as the parties concerned (those who agreed to be in an open relationship) don't mind, it should be alright kan? @@

  10. Very illustrative indeed, haah!
    Open relationship is a big no-no for me too. But then, relationship yi-teng-yeh, hou-che ka~ Haha

  11. All depends on the relationship, how open it is and how matured the two of them are.

  12. I agree with Savante on this. Effective relationships requires alot of maturity. However maturity needs time, experience and sometimes heartaches and anger to obtain.

    I have seen couples who are in pretty long relationship and they have open relationships.However at the end of the day, they really love each other and they are able to separate love & sex.

    Likewise for the closed ones, I know a few who are true to each other (or at least that's what it seems).

    The reality is that some guys will cheat in their relationship. The important lesson is this: If he is able to cheat on his lover for you, he is able to cheat on you when you are his new bf.

  13. There are lotsa ppl like the taken ones...probably they would feel better if they manage to 'snatch' someone's lover.

  14. I guess, when u are truly satisfied you yourself will know it? Its like u feel full after a good meal, u know u had enough and u dun wan anymore. Or when u have enuf money in ur account, u wont bother even if someone offer u a thousand bucks per hour job... cause u know it/feel it, that u r satisfied with what u have..

    so ur hukum says "not-recognized open relationship" what about ONS or semi-rape.. =p

  15. the harder to get, the better the satisfaction is .. people will slut around (single or attached), if only everyone is that "loyal" .. no wonder it's soo hard to find a monogamous spouse in a Gay World ...

    perhaps, the "trust" is being wrongly abused.

  16. if he's snatchable, he is still snatchable after u snatched him.

  17. Wow! If got "like" button, I will press "like" 100 times for ItuAnjingBetina's statement!

  18. to those who wanna borrow the hukum kanun selat, please go make a library card dulu then come pinjam. to make one please go cari my sexytary bubu.. haha..

    @thomas ~ i want imagine that the apple is lemon then i make lemonade :)

    @ash ~ are you in the jabatan mengubal akta hukum kanun selat? wwahahahahahaha...

    @calvin ~ muacks you! :)

    @j-boy ~ true to that.. thats why bubu and i are trying to mengesurprise each other .. erm.. as in.. we give each other datelines to .. erm.. hwhahahaha.. shhh.. secret.. will reveal next time.. kihihi...

    @jason & le chatelier ~ i guess so... e... tak suka jugak...

    @savante ~ thats how you and charming calvin last so long... :) hihi...

    @dodoboy ~ yalor.. thats what i told my kawans too.. hm.. i know a lot of kawans who do that.. should i tell? or should i shuddup? hm.... i feel so jahats...

    @skyhawk ~ lemme try snatching darren ok? kihihihi...

    @kidz ~ hahahaahah.. hukum kanun selat and hukum kanun ex selat is two different things.. shit la.. i sudah kalam kabut edi.. all my white papers and green papers all mixed up.. i have to ask ash eats godiva help me arrange.. hahaha...

    ONS and semi rape is recognized in the hukum kanun selat.. hehe.. the reason why selat dont approve the open thing is because selats dont believe in relationships :)

    @alvin t ~ wuhooo! thanks for dropping by me humble blog.. wait.. i dont use the humble word often.. so weird. hahaha.. anyway.. thanks so much :) kihihi... still can find one, but hor.. like unicorn like that lor.. very rare..

    @thatbitch ~ can i snatched your hottie? :)