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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

how far will you go for a friend?

this scene there are A B and C

A is homophobic, B and C are gays

A is very very very super close to B 

but A doesnt know that B is gay 

Recently came a new guy C to the class 

A suspects that he is gay and is kinda mean to him insulting him and everything

B is stuck now

B really wants to help C out but A is his best friend


Should he help C? If outing himself would help C, will he do it? what if outing himself to help C but in the end both of them gets despised? 

if youre B, what would you do?

*this post is dedicated to someone, if you perasan, please do something about it.. if youre gay, going against another gay guy is like going against your own brother.. please use your brains before doing something! if youre not gay, then fuck off!*


  1. In fact doesn't have to out himself. Just need to warn A that if he keep on harassing C, and if C do something stupid, he have to be responsible. Tell him that everyone have feeling and gays are more sensitive than other people. It is not abnormal if they gonna do stupid thing like suicide etc etc.

    No matter haw homophobic A is, there should be some humanity in him or at least ego where he dun wan to be labeled as murderer or life snatcher. If not, why befriend him?

  2. A person who does not respect other people is not really someone i find worthwhile being called a best friend. U cant agree, then just him alone, u dun have to take a step further and be a jerk and insult him.

    extreme measure, maybe ur friend can bend him.. get him drunk and.. =p

  3. Don't need no friend who are not compatible with my thoughts and behavior. Can afford to lose 1 friend, have enough to go around. Bitch will not take this kind of nonsense from anyone.

  4. If a best friend ever does that to me, he's not a friend. :) i dont like to see discrimination of the childish kind.

    nowadays there are even straight guys who would fight for the rights of gay guys...my advice is the same as legolas: ditch that bitch.

  5. Since A & B are 'very very very super close', it's not that easy for B to ditch A just coz he's a homophobe. Because that's just one part of him, who knows there could be many other positive qualities that enable B to really bond with A. It could be years of friendship. Whereas C here is the new guy.

    I'm not saying that B should just let A mock C and watch silently. But honestly if i were B, i wouldn't be able to tell A off...

    Maybe what B can do is talk to both of them separately in private. B can tell C that A's character is just like that, and C shouldn't take it into heart coz A is just being an ass.

    Then B can talk to A in the way that Whizkid mentioned, without being too direct and actually outing himself to A...

    Woohhhh sorry for typing so much! Pls don't shoot me :P

  6. =.=''..Deja vu..
    Just encounter this situation recently.

  7. Tell A it's not right to insult people just because that person is a different sexuality as he is. Explain to him it's not his business whether that person is straight, gay or bisexual.

  8. He should help out the new guy C. No matter what his orientation or whether he's closeted, there's just no excuse for bad manners.

  9. Tell A, if he wants to bang C so badly, he should just tell C he wants to bang him, no need all this games. geez

  10. Depends on what kind of person C is? If C isnt guailan n A picks on him solely cos C is gay, obviously B shld try to stop A frm being so childish.

  11. If A and B are really that close, then coming out wouldn't destroy their friendship.. personal experience ;)

    When I was 'outed' by my homophobic best friend, he went on and told everyone, but in the end most people were like, 'I always thought gay guys were like old pedoss preying on young guys cause they're too ugly, but I know you and I know you're not like that.' I think I literally changed their perception on gay people. I was 15.

    Said homophobe best friend apologized to me on prom day with a whole big gang of guys. They tried to hug me. WTH

  12. kay: tat's a lovely experience.

    Well if they are really close then in B's defense he dun want to wreck his relationship. But then, being close enuf i guess u can at least advice A to stop being childish, and to think tat A only did all of these based only on suspicion! zzz, even normal guys should intervene and tell A wad's not.

  13. does discrimination worth a friendship? Or both A B is living in self denial?

  14. if i'm B i will help c and say to A this:
    "not all gays are bad,C doing nothing to you.you are the one that is bad for simply2 insulting people,go ahead insulting me,i'm gay too!"

  15. Yea. I agreed with Calvin. No one has to right to judge & insult others.

    God did not even judge us (punish us) as homosexual.We have no right to judge others as there is no right or wrong.

    We are who we are.

  16. Thank You abang adik sekalian.. the problem solve liao..

    It somehow turned out how J-boy would respond.. hehe..

    B confronted A and scold the shit out of him and then A apologize to C.. without B outing himself :)


    but im still wondering whether A is gay or nott... ish...