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Thursday, March 3, 2011

happy 14th Monthlyversary...

today marks the 14th month we've been together.. cute lil bubu got exam today.. tuition to teach and also dance rehearsals after that.. poor thing...

after our first anniversary celebration we totally forgotten our monthlyversaries.. our 13th monthlyversary just passed unnoticed.. hahahaha...

b! *pop out eye*


what date is today?!!!

17 i think... why?

oh em gee gee!!


pass liao....

huh?............................. OMGG!!

hahahahaha.. yalor.. like that lor.. 

its as though monthlyversaries are not IN for those couple who lasted more than one year.. the IN thing will be anniversaries kan? hahahaha... hopefully there will be many more to come!! :)

so you guys who are attached, celebrate every month mar?

single ladies, what do you guys prefer when youre attached next time ne?


  1. Happy "Monthlyversary" to you two...

  2. Happy 14th Monthlyversary to both of you tulsy.....^^

  3. Congrats! Hope you'll have a sexy 15th month anniversary as well! Muacks!

  4. @CX ~ hihi!! thanks sho much!! :)

    @Ryan ~ thanks Ryan! :)

    @Lee ~ kihihi... thanks :)

    @simonlover ~ cheeky boy you! thanks.. wah.. i got a kiss from simon?!!!! wohooo!! hahahaha..

    @savante ~ alright!! and yea, happy 5th Anniversary to you and your mystical creature!! *hugs*

  5. we did. in our first year. but i think now it's erm... yeah i think the 34th monthiversary just passed.

  6. omgucci!! nearing 3 years liao!! thats like wow!! awesome you guys!! :)