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Thursday, March 10, 2011

are gay blogs influential?

i started a discussion with a few plu friends over facebook and it goes like this...

do you think the emergence of slutty plu blogs will make newly self discovered gays/existing gays to be slutty as well? as in those who reads..

some say it set a bad example...

some say as long as it delivers the right message okay lah.. not so good when we try and justify being openly slutty..

some say Information is everywhere. New readings on latest trends and promotional items crop up every second. People won't easily embrace or try it out unless it relates to them at some level (perception, emotion, tolerance etc). Another factor would be ease of execution without being troublesome

someone told me before that because of reading my blog, they are more brave to slut around.. at first i was fucking happy but now to think of it.. hahah.. oh well.. its still up to the person itself to decide kan..

had a short conversation with bubu saying that blog is a very important tool.. he touched on what if a young gay reader chance upon my blog and read those sexiting stories, wouldnt he eager to try etc.. i mean i remember my first time reading calvin strictlygay's blog 6 7 years back entah brapa lama.. and then there were still sextories published but now no more.. i was somehow addicted to read them.. but i dont think that it changed/influenced me anyhow into becoming a slut..

there are so many depending factors involved in influencing the choice of other minds eg, maturity, acceptance, moral/religious values etc.. but that doesnt mean that it wont succeed.. haha..

i dowan the blog to get all the wrong attention..

being a slut is fun, but its not good, people will get hurt in the end... as in.. for most cases.. anyhow.. play safe you rainbows out there!! youre rainbow because youre worth it! youre beautiful because youre rainbow! :) haha.. its damn random i know.. hahahaha...



  1. Blog can be influential to large extent, depending on the bloggers' creditability and trustworthy. In politic, commercial, and etc, bloggers are hired to influence the public.

    Now I know why sometimes I m slutty, it's all caused by your blog...lolx!

    Shall I stop following you? Never I will....

  2. at least dancerboy had some sense to give a clear thought of blog influence

  3. It's just thought. Stories of one's life.

    Perhaps why one got addicted to it must be some certain "appeal" factors.

    You can't really tell what others will do after reading the blog, so don't have to blame yourself.


    a) play safe [SO DUREX] you rainbows out there!!

    b) youre rainbow because youre worth it [SO LOREAL]!

    c) youre beautiful because youre rainbow [SO ME]!


  4. oh puh-lease. these guys are already a slut in the first place. reading about other's sluttiness probably enhance their own. can't blame the bloggers for being bad influence. who'd ever asked bad stuff to be so ever interesting?

  5. The same cup of water drank by 10 different people will have 10 different versions of taste as a result. So no matter how influential the info is, it depends on the individual who reads it and how he interprets it.

  6. agree with clayden
    the thing is, you guys are thinking like censorship boards

    censor kissing so ppl wont want to kiss
    censor sex so ppl wont want have the urge to have sex
    censor killing so ppl wont go killing
    censor suicide so ppl wont have the thought of suicide

    I mean wtf, if the fella is horny, he will eventually find sex, no need a bloody blog to tell him to go fuck.
    but if someone is not horny, he read how many god dam porn blog also he wont. (example me)

    are u saying if someone reads a book written by a serial killer, writing about his killings and how he loved it,
    these readers will eventually start killing too?

    i know i know, the fact that these blogs will "motivate" them more to go have sex
    But have u thought about it? why they find these blog in the first place?
    to find something they can share about, to know what are the steps to it,
    And at least, with these blogs, we write about playing safe. using condoms. (i know most of us do)
    in a way this is sort of a awareness, eventhough its promoting sluttiness,
    And dam, if someone is a slut, he will slut around eventually, just the matter of when and where
    And what we can do is share our experiences and promote safe sex!

  7. If it really is that influencing - based on your drawing, maybe you should try to influence the readers to "donate" into your bank account. (your drawing looks more like hypnotizing)

    It didn't take a blog to educate people into becoming slut.

  8. I am little worried that the pressure to be 'socially responsible' will inhibit open and honest gay blogging now.

    Will be a very sad thing if that happens so don't change tuls, be yourself and say what you feel like saying :)

  9. yes. it is influencing ler..

    how can i yang selalu silent2 reader ajer tiba2 mau komen????

    slut influence i guess...hihihi

  10. tuls , can u plse answer these questions , i would like u and ur blog frens to answer these plse , u can put it as ur next blog post too :)
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  11. @skyhawk ~ kihihi,,, sendiri tanya sendiri answer :) thanks sho much!!

    @Lee ~ :)

    @teoh ~ hahaha.. he is my bf mar.. duh!! :)

    @CX ~ muacks~ tau jer!! *hugs*

    @clayden L ~ hahahahaha...

    @calvin ~ why my cup is empty geh?

    @thatbitch ~ wah... semakin menuju ke arah [itu].. good politician!! get arrested more alright! i sokong you!! :) *hugs* tkz hot la!! hahahahaha

    @takashi ~ oh! *nod*

    @whizkid ~ i will try ok! hahahaha.. maybe it could hor! hahahahaha

    @goMercury ~ dont worry bratha! i wont de! kihihi... thanks for you supprotts! haha

    @joey ~ wah.. like that also can arr! hahahahahaha....

    @bernace1 ~ erm... alright then.. but i cant guarantee you the amount feedbacks that it will receive :)

  12. its fun reading your blog... so cool and fun... cheers. write more fun stuffs ya.. raybrixton here. (www.raybrixton.blogspot.com)

  13. @ray brixton ~ thanks so muchy!! :)