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Sunday, March 27, 2011

bones and skin..

was reading whizkid's kfc entry and it sparked this post :)

bubu and i love kfc..

we love kfc to the freaking maximum!!

i can finish a whole bottle of thai chili sauce with 3 piece of chicken! hehe.. power leh..

anyway thats not the main point!

the reason why both of us love kfc is because i love cartilages and he loves the skin...

he swallows the skins like MPSJ and will never get fat and i will pop all the cartilages off the bones like pop corn.. haha

if you witness this scene, its like barter system :)

do you have any weird eating habits? haha..


  1. no kfc for me! :P fattening!

  2. Wah, sauce freak. Seriously, 1 bottle with 3 pieces of chicken meat ? And I thought my other friend was the champion of this fetish...


  3. i like KFC to the max . But now i peel of the skin off . Just like a guys clothes , when i am abt to eat him i peel it all off

  4. Point taken, u drink chili sauce :P

    Mine is, my someone gives me vege, i give him the meats. LoL... I know he untungs more than i do...but oh well! VEGEs!! <3 *_*

  5. Ur main course is chilli source and side dish is the chicken izzit?

  6. I like the cartilage too... err.. weird eating habit? bread with ketchup, coffee and spirulina oat, salad craze.. cake with olive oil, pear with sour plum, nescafe with butter

  7. Wah! I prefer tomato. My eating habit is, peel of the skin first, then after finish eating the chicken, I will eat the skin.

  8. kfc, a subject close to my heart lmao! but seriously - cartilage?! do you eat that or something?

  9. Walau one bottle chilli sauce, crazy arses. Nvm la.. my nasi lemak needs to go basah with red curry and sambal before I dig in anyway~

    SKIN SKIN SKIN! But I like the breast more lar, less cholesterol and pure protein XD

  10. Honestly the skin is the best part.. but also the least healthy.

    But what the hell rite! Life is short, eat what u like! :)

  11. Ahhh... please ajak me along whenever u eat KFC worrrr.... XDDDDDD
    i mau the skin.. lol

  12. why are u commenting so long , comment fast a bit

  13. lalalala, rebeca black , lalalala

  14. @clayden ~ its not la.. remove all the skin like what i do lor.. haha.. then give it to beau! :)

    @CX ~ thanks! i know! i menang.. bubu's mum purposely buy the big bottle of chili sauce for me cos i finish hers veli fast! hahahaha

    @naughty prince ~ kihihi.. thanks!

    @ooi2009 ~ wah.. i also peel all off.. the foreskin also.. before i bj! ahahahaah... and please dont rush me la.. i only got 2 legs ok!! its monday monday gettin down on monday!!

    @alex ~ omgg! i love the vege too! hihi.. drink chili sauce is a lil bit too much but still acceptable geh.. hahahaha..

    @PFJ ~ true hor.. never thought of it!! hahahaah the main course is free lor like that! the sides like ten thousand times more expensive!

    @wizard ~ you hogwards people quite weird also hor.. i like!!

    @whizkid ~ same like my bubu geh..

    @goMercury ~ yes wor.. i chew chew until got the krok krok sound then i swallow!! :)

    @tempus ~ i eat hot and spicy and always ask for both breast de! very full liao!

    @J-boy ~ wah... good thinking!! later end of the world also belum makan one skin! cb! hahahahaah

    @eric ~ eeeeeeeee.. hahahaha.. ok ok.. you can fight with bubu for the skin then!!

    @skysky ~ erm... ok lor.. health freak! hahahahah

  15. dont want to eat kfc with you...later we will be fighting for the bones...hahaha

    damn...hungry now:(

  16. go eat la!! hahahahaha,.. dontt worry, you can have mine, bubu will give me his! :)