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Monday, March 7, 2011


C is a single young boy thats desperate for love and had work since the age of 18.. few months ago a new colleague, X joined the company and they started to make friends and not long after C had a lil something for X..

X is attached but he has some liking towards C too.. the thing is X was tested positive for HIV.. C knew... but entah kenape i think love is blind kinda shit C had sex with X.. a few times sumore..

now C comes to me.. asking why he dint think properly before doing so.. he say he wanted to quit his job but his family depends on him for expenses and everything.. he wanted to do foolish things.. suicide and all.. he went for the test but i dont think its accurate as its only been 2 months.. and.. hm...

the thing is that he knows that X has it but he still wanna do it with him.. and he comes to me: Why did i do it?!!

i cant scold him...

whats done is done..

poor C... hope he is fine la..

X is attached but the bf doesnt know that he is positive.. what a jerk... may X rot in hell...

the number is increasing in malaysia i think.. heard lots of cases where gays that got it tends to sleep around just so they can infect the rest.. sick ass people.. hate them!! 


  1. OMG...that pic of urs is so disturbing...but yeah..X is really a BIG JERK! hw can he do tht ><

  2. Cilaka X....... But C also one kind.....pity him. Pity X's bf oso......

  3. Monogamy is hard to achieve
    C is desperate and x is just looking for a new hole to poke i blame both of them
    Maybe x is saying he is + just to test C's love, I don't know

    Did you ask if they use double layered rubber? lol

  4. Wow..C & X..am sensing the very strong signal.

    Hehe...anyway, are they someone close to you ?

  5. Unprotected sex?

    But X knows he's +ve, so it's like he WANTS to infect C.
    And C is just stupid. Then again, we've all done some crazy things for love, myself included. But not THAT crazy.

  6. Who is really at fault?

    Although being silent on positive HIV is irresponsible and disturbing.

  7. ur fren come to u n tell u is bcos he wants some1 to listen to his problem. ppl nowadays dont think twice before doing. any1 here knows how is it like to be full blown hiv? want me to tell? :P when u scared then u will never ever do it. no matter how much u like dat person.

  8. zzz... don they know they can take pills after the sex itself?

  9. Felt bad for the boy... he is being taken advantage for his urge to be in love, which i dun think is wrong.. he is just unfortunate that he hadnt met a right person or hasn't seen enough to know how to handle his own feeling and urge..

    bless him..

  10. End of the day X will suffer the most i think la. wakakaka. Thanks for dropping by. ;D

  11. I feel for the guy because he is in 'love', but he must be stupid to sleep with someone knowing they have aids - again and again!

    I used to work at a gay bar and some guy who had HIV kept it a secret and slept with someone there and possibly infected them. His friends found out and then had to go around cleaning up the mess asking everyone who slept with him and try and support them if they did get HIV. Didn't find out who in the end but it was shocking...

  12. was wondering even with all the necessary precaution taken, how safe is safe ?

  13. that fella still wanna do sex even tough he knows that X have HIV...sigh...

    it's the same as liking unhealthy food while having the option of eating other better foods like sushi,nasi lemak etc:(

    p/s:...the 'p/s'explaination i had gave on anjing betina's fb:)

  14. The thing is : the existance of some blogs are itself contributing to why gays such as C will do all those stupid things .Look at the blogs and bloggers around you now .All those blogs seem to potray youth looking for love and lust .PLU blogs are supposed to teach PLU how to navigate life without doing stupid things such as having sex with strange and random men just because they are hot . But look at yourselfs . .Most of the bloggers in ur blogosphere are not contributing to a healthy gay life .You yourself are /were a slut last time .When I first came across your blog , I never imagined you to be so young .When I met you in person , I was even shocked to see that you were so young.Your sexual escapades potrayed you as a 40 year old man.You must have gods grace to have not contracted HIV.Please , i am not belittling you , but merely the facts .Look at the other "unhealthy" bloggers around you .some people keep telling how much they want to fuck and be fucked .Some are newbies that are somehow trying to test the waters of what is potrayed in blogs(MR.D and,STOP,SAVOR,SMILE)
    Some old people who seem to be blatantly condoning behaviour to fuck people(paul figaro) ,and the downright pompous who like to behave as if its ok to enjoy sex in gyms and basically slut around in an old diva body(sorry eric aka pluboy , but ur really over-the-top).And we also have the little fox ,that came from a bad childhood experiance ,slowly doing things that can damage himself (eventhough some things in his blog are against ONS , and casual gay sex )

    Why do PLU like to compare gay sex and straight sex ? A straight person can enjoy sex with a "few" people because it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that vaginal sex has a way lower chance of contracting life threatening STD like HIV compared to anal sex .And to think that some of the bloggers are doctors-to-be themselves.

    Why do PLU keep denying the fact that hot gay people can have a high chance of lying when they meet out at MP and gay spots ?Dont you guys know that they just want to get laid .How hot is the guy ? Why does he want to meet you ? Probably for sex .and for more sex.and then to jump on another more better guy ,for sex .And when he has AIDS, he will probably think ,why bother , lets fulfill the carnal desires by having sex with other guys .

    So the big question is ,why can anyone blame C or X , when the society of certain young gays are like this, and how a gay life is so melodramatically potrayed in blogs ?

    By the way as for my identity ,i know most of you .I have met most of you . And I might be a blogger or a friend that is closer than you think .But letting some truth about everyone out is a healthy thing once in a while .Especially seeing the trend on how stupid young gays (and old wannabees) can get.

  15. well said teoh... very well said indeed...

  16. This is why I never trust anyone. At least not when it comes to sex. Hmm. Well true that what's done is done. C should get himself tested 3 months from now. For all we know, he could be clean. Either way, it will be a painful lesson. And hopefully he (and everyone who's read this) can learn from this.

    As for who to blame, let us all hate the sin, not the sinner. Or in this case, hate the disease, not the patient. Take care everyone... And play smart.

  17. I personally don't blame bloggers or any other influences , to me what you do or think is all did and thought by you yourself. It's you who is holding the scale of morality. We cant hold accountability of our faults to someone else right?

    Would you blame your genes( even though scientifically proven) for inclining more towards men?

    I like dick so I suck all the random dicks i could while knowing fully well the repercussion, not because anyone told me to or I was reading too much entry on ons it's because I , me and myself wanted to.

  18. erm...an interesting post .if i am to comment , i will agree with what teoh said , bcoz for the main thing that most of what he says is a fact . as much as we want to deny , the blogs do potray a negative impact on impressionable gay youngsters or newbies bcoz it glorifies unfaithfulness . I dont quite agree with Mycroft above bcoz , sucking dicks just shows that ur a slut .The same thing a person will think if a girl says she enjoys having sex with different men , or she loves giving blowjobs , she is deemed a slut.And sluts will sooner or later lead to destruction .A gene may cause u to like a guy BUT NOT TO FUCK EVERY GUY.

    If we all hold accountability to what we do , the world will not have racists ,lazy people , etc.People are influenced by others no matter how you like it .A person will be racist if he/she sees his own family acting racist.A person is more lazy if he sees all his friends suddenly becoming relaxed and carefree in the work.

    bUT afterall ,its just my opinion on the post .There is much truth to it

  19. and FYI , im not blaming all bloggers , but most bloggers in the plu blogs concerning TULS

  20. Good comebacks :)

    Yes those sexual escapade or random bump entries will have a negative impact on these gay youngsters and newbies

    But they can choose not re enact any of it , Once a slut always a slut but sometimes maybe he can choose to play nice right?

    I'm just saying that don't put all the blame on the society sometimes you can choose to break out of it if you wanted to.

  21. I agree to a certain point but I want to get something straight.

    I DON'T SLUT (not anymore).

    Thank you, the rest, I agree.

  22. Yeah I kinda get where Mycroft is coming from..

    He's saying we r responsible for our own choices and actions, and not whether his actions (sucking dick randomly) is right or wrong. Just that he made the choice to do it.

    And if anything, i feel the bloggers have helped me understand the Plu world so much better. Whether their actions are right or wrong and if they set a good example or not is not for me to judge, But i can use my own judgment and evaluation to make my own choices.

  23. Zzz, I din know such an entry can really generate such response. Do bear in mind that this entry does not post complaints about being sluts. Tuls jz emphasize tat spreading HIV is just plain bad and the fact that love is blind when it strikes. But I guess that this innocent post actually stir quite a big subject here.

    It all comes to how to perceive it. I do not understand y ppl actually condemned Tulsa post because he is a living example of an ex-slut and love actually make him whole. Isn't tat wad we all want? You cannot blame one who have a bad past and sometimes talk about it from time to time. He is actually a tale where everyone hopes to become to, not the fact tat he sleeps around last time, but have meet love tat is strong and pure enough to break the vicious trait. 

    I am an clear opposer of ons, and of cuz sleeping around. I do post some posts saying how silly all of this looks, but I nvr make clear cut statements, like most of the bloggers here. Well, if I do, who would read it? Ppl actually read some blogs because their post is somehow interesting and dramatic. Tat's wad the readers want nowadays. Some of us try to buffer the slut situation by half agreeing to everything. We r like a bridge between the anti and the pro. A clear cut statement will either draw the opposing sides away, hence the most we can do is to slowly progress with a vague but increasingly stressed principals of ours. Ppl like you who expects we should go:"OMG ONS should be banned!!!!" is wad we called too rush in thing. Adverse effects will definately occur. After all, the last generation of this circle isn't quite role models for us. Go slow n steady. It's the best way to me.

    But the fact tat ppl start talking abt this issue is a very good thing, at least all hope for this circle is not lost. I like that fact tat you have stand up and say wad's right, but the fact tat you attacked bloggers who gives u the platform to do this is quite wrong and offending. Maybe because I am still new in this scene, therefore I don know much bloggers out there, but I can say that most of the bloggers in my blog list is quite ok with the slut issue. But then again, it all depends on how u see it because since my blog name is mention as one of the unhealthy bloggers I real hav no clue wad actually triggers tat thinking of urs. Do enlighten me. =)

    and the HIV issues, tuls don really compare straight or gay sex. I don know where u get that. But no matter straight or not, there will always be a possibility that it will spread. HIV ppl  who is having sex with others should have the responsibility to tell, then if the other actually want to continue this, then the HIV guy isn't to blame. 

    Well, back to lectures for me. XD 

  24. of course what everyone said was not wrong either , but i feel he was trying to state why these blogs can bring more harm than good . Of course , some stories are nice ,and i know tuls doesnt slut anymore , but i guess what he is trying to say is perhaps these blogs should be more erm healthy .I on the hand like to read abt what tuls writes ,especially abt the past issues .Thankfully i dont have a great physique or a great complexion , so i dont feel like slutting .even if i do , no one might wanna have anything.I guess it comes down to how desperate a person is , if he is dying to have sex , he probably will not mind dying for sex.

    about the bloggers he mentioned : i dont find anything unhealthy abt Mr.D AND VINCENTS ,but erm ....im not gonna disagree with the rest of the bloggers mentioned.lol

  25. Lalala
    we faggots are sex animals
    we fuck, we get fucked, we enjoy sex
    who doesn't?
    straight people do too
    yes, news flash they actually do!
    and they have flings here and there as well.
    just not as often as us faggots because chances of them getting it, is very much lesser compared to us
    And being guys (who are known as the gender that are more sexually aggresive)
    its alot fucking easier to get random sex compared to a Man and a woman

    So why the moral judgement all of a sudden?
    Most of us know what we're up against, we chose to live this kind of life (yes we did, I'm not talking about being gay, im talking about being a horny slut, or a notty skanky whore but whats the difference anyway?)

    And sure, some of us choose to to be more "morally right" kind of life.
    But its the society that says its morally right, is it really? Will you be happier living a life that people think you should live?

    Someone once said in his status update
    "#Haveyouever realized that when people tell you "You've changed." its bcoz you've stopped living your life.. Their way."

    I'm gonna stop here before start with all this pokpeking like everyone else.

  26. teoh:
    casual sex happens whether or not we talk about it in the blog, and if you have really read my posts, i talked about not doing it and that you'll regret it if you do. casual sex is part of the gay world. how many boys can control their lust? its gonna happen irregardless if someone talks about it or not. Will you be there to warn them to not go over to that uncle's house when the uncle starts baiting the kid? Or you'd rather share your unhappy experiences and make him think twice?

    Some blogs around prefer to talk about sex because sex sells. Its funny that you did not read strictlygay which is sans everything you keep complaining and whining about.

    tuls did not glorify casual sex..i did not...some people want to its their problem...but really, the gays in the blogsphere are better than those in fridae or gayromeo or grindr.

    I'd rather a gay man who has been through all the date rapes, the betrayals and the drama that tends to be part of gay life tell us off rather than an anon stranger who puts himself on a pedestal because he's a virgin jealous of younger guys getting laid.

    It takes balls to live life as a gay man and to fend off stalkers, encounter nasty people etc. If you dont have it, you dont have the right to judge.

    you may have good intentions, but putting yourself on a pedestal and seeing everyone from there is very very offensive and shows how shallow and self centered you are.

  27. It takes balls to live life as a gay man and to fend off stalkers, encounter nasty people etc. If you dont have it, you dont have the right to judge. <--add betrayals, queenish friends, broken promises even as friends, being used, misused, abused, stood up, left alone, exploited...etc

  28. Little fox ,

    out of all the sane comments about people agreeing or disagreeing abt what i wrote .... u potray the dumbest . As usual , calling me names or shooting me down just proves that ur probably avoiding the issue here .If you want to be critical with me..I am going to stop here bcoz i find u highly immature.This was not a platform for me to create fights among bloggers , u can choose to ignore my comment if u want .Anyone can choose to ignore my comment if they want .And i dont need STRICTLYGAY to tell me what to do , OR to influence anyone .As someone said it the comments , u are in control of ur morality.U either control it , or let it be controlled or in ur case keep referring to strictlygay .If i were u i will concentrate on my career .and stop shitting urself ~teoh

  29. I won't argue that some gay men are promiscuous but let's not paint everyone with the same skanky brush. There are fellows who have remained committed in monogamous relationships for decades.

    Morality and sexual promiscuity, to each his own. And I seriously doubt blogs could influence a person's inclination to that extent. It's up to the individual and it's not for us to judge.

    Still, TULS, I gotta admit that your friend has a decision to make. First the other fellow X is already attached. That's the most important thing - does he want to be the other man? For the second, the HIV thing is always a risk. If he does intend to sleep with X, then he had better be careful. Use condoms all the time and never ever slack when it comes to bodily fluids.

  30. im not gonna be critical with you, but do think what qualifications you have to tell us all off...and how does that make us feel.

    its not about ignoring comments. if you were really sincere about your 'advice', you'd be writing it from a different perspective. If you're really sincere and not just trying to put us down, why ignore? face it like a man dammit. if im wrong i will admit and i have no qualms doing so.

    dumbest because MY comments hits the hardest? what issues i am trying to avoid? mind pointing them out? oh i havent really started with shooting you down yet.

    the way you commented is to provoke a fight. if you didint want to the tone and the perspective of your comment would have been different. and you wont have to hide behind fake names and profiles.

    i offered you friendship in the email because i found you someone i can learn from and you have no right to call me immature when you ignored my last email.

    my point is this: if you know nothing about what is it like to lead life as a gay man (because we were not allowed to choose, and nobody really guided us), what qualifications do you have to tell us comments and opinions that seem to be belittling our experiences and life? What makes you think that your opinion is the best for us? I agree we should stop writing on sex and focus more on the issues, but is there a role model? Are you one? can you teach us how to react if you were in our shoes?

    put yourself in our shoes before spouting those comments, and you'll gain our respect instead of being pissy and accusing me of being immature.

  31. and so the bitch fight begins.
    if this was between women, there would be lots of breast grabbing and hair pulling

    but since its between gay men, it would most probably end up with some nipple biting and then crotch grabbing and some licking and maybe an orgy if theres more than two people

  32. little fox,

    what the fuck are u talking about me emailing u ? are u dreaming ? Perhaps some other guy or girl gave u a piece of their mind and u are venting out on me . very smart indeed there.

    wake up lah , i am not hit hardest by you , if u notice ur the only one being so critical and is lashing out at me .The others either smartly agree or disagree . You prove urself to be the immature and as expected , u resort to some ramblings about nonsense on how i am judging you blah blah blah . No one is judging anybody , these are comments based on the blog posts .
    And now u can resort to some more nonsense about me hitting out on all the blogs , cmon , i mentioned a certain few ,not all , ur blog , yes , other blogs no , so dont assume u are the same boat as the rest of the blogs

  33. Play nice ppl...

    I thought we all are riding the same rainbow bus?

    Though still the fact is my decision or anyone else to fuck around is mine alone and no anon warrior is gonna shun me for that

  34. nope. that was you. unless you have a clone. an internet clone. lets come clean shall we? even tuls agreed it was you after reading the email i posted on my blog. he he. anyone can hide under a hidden profile. mine is public. is yours? coward.

    and oh, this does sound like you :)

    "seriously , are u fucking crazy? how can u even do that to a guy that size .WHY did you do it in the first place ? dont u know that ur putting urself in danger by doing that to a guy that is sick, is like digging ur grave? seriously , plse dont be a slut .

    Why are you so desperate for sex and love ? cant u wait and let time take its cause ?Joining gayromeo and sites like that to find people , CMON LAH!!!!! Most people there are looking for SEX , SEX , SEX AND SEX! They dont care for love

    Please live up to ur blog entries and dont do stupid things .Get out , make friends , have clean fun like sports .....IF U EVEN WANNA DATE , MIX AROUND WITH UR GAY BLOGGERS AND LET THEM MATCHMAKE , NOT GO FOR PEOPLE IN GAY ROMEO .You are still so young , dont get into truble in a young age .Jesus christ , use ur brain


    let the readers be the judge.

    yeps. gays are vain and they wanna appear to be the good guys. they're gay for a reason you know :) its part of being gay. I'm not as gay as them i guess because i'm willing to speak on their behalf.

    your original post was judging us gays. "But look at yourselfs . .Most of the bloggers in ur blogosphere are not contributing to a healthy gay life .You yourself are /were a slut last time ." sounds like you're judging to me. deny all you want. other gays may not dare to comment, but im not them. and calling me immature is matured indeed. :) go on, you sound like the jester.

    if you're not hit hardest by me prove it by not whining over how immatured i am. so what if i am? is it any of your business?

    prove yourself to be more matured than me if you wanna call me immatured :)

    oh well this ends here. thanks for the entertainment!

  35. Little fox,

    Yeah , probably u can keep telling everyone that I wasted my time and emailed you that whatever document you are talking about .
    "Because the main reason i wrote this comment on TULS blog was because of the great little fox , so everyone that read this post can divert the attention to poor little fox that is the main target of mine ." What a douchebag.

    seriously , if i wanted to talk about u and ur life story in ur blog , i would have commented on ur blog , NOT talk about my comments on C and X in TULS blog.Perhaps now everyone will pity u and check out ur boring blog .

    Great way to get an audience , make my comments personally targeted at you .

    Oh idiot, think before u talk .Earlier u blamed me for not listening to some STRICTLYGAY , and then later u told me TULS "told" you that I am targeting u .Perhaps now u will refer to OPRAH to ask her if I am targeting u .Yeah , OPRAH thinks I am targeting u also .

  36. Dear Teoh,

    I’d like to respond to the comments you’ve made.

    We hold diametrically opposed views as far as gay blogs are concerned. It’s very infantile and ridiculous of you to think that gay blogs contribute to the act of promiscuity among gays.

    Firstly, since time immemorial, lust, has, undeniably, always been a component indispensable from mankind, straight or gay. So, in what way is it unhealthy? Just because someone has publicly expressed their desperation and sexual desire doesn’t go to show that they are morally low. Do you not have sexual desire? Have you not fucked or been fucked? Just because you keep it hidden, or even if you’re still a virgin (I hope not), it doesn’t make you a saint. Unless you’re a priest or a monk, then I'm speechless.

    Secondly, admittedly, promiscuity is a social stigma known to be attached to gays. Nonetheless, don’t you think it’s very childish of you to blame it all on the lack of education of the gay blogs you’ve come across? It depends more on how successful one’s parental and religious upbringing is. It also relies on one’s moral values and the principles one upholds in life. The demarcation line between right and wrong is vague. We are all adult enough to distinguish what’s right and wrong and to be aware of the repercussions of our own actions.

    Thirdly, is there a law stating that blogs should be educational? Apparently, there isn’t. People blog for different reasons. Some blog so that they will have memories to reminisce on when they grow old. Some blog to flaunt their flair for writing. To some, blogging may help to channel their negative emotions, which is psychologically healthy. And not surprisingly, some blogs are partially fictional. Therefore, who’re you to dictate what people should blog about?

    Fourthly, your statement that heterosexuals have the privilege to be promiscuous because of the reduced risk of STIs is extremely offensive. So, indirectly, aren’t you condoning the act of promiscuity yourself? So, I don’t get you. At first, you’re against promiscuity. And now, you’re not. You sound confused.

    Furthermore, who do you think you are to condemn Tuls in such an inhuman way? To wish that he’d contracted HIV? Gosh! What kind of human being are you, to be so devoid of compassion ( supposing that you’ve been reading a lot of EDUCATIONAL blogs)? You’re not God, for God’s sake. And who’re you to insult Eric like that? Teoh, you do not know what other people go through in real, psychologically. You do not know the actual reasons behind their deeds, though they might all be related to lust. Hence, you have absolutely NO right to have any preconceived ideas of who they are.

    Moreover, doctors are human as well. We err, too. I guess I don’t have to go to the extent of highlighting to you the fact that police and law enforcement officers commit crimes too.

    As for your identity, I don’t think anyone is interested in knowing. Tuls and Eric are nice people. It’s your loss to not have the opportunity to really know them.

    But, I’d be interested to know how educational your blog is, if you do have one.

    Tuls’ brother

  37. this is teoh's reply i took from my email, i think someone marked his comments as spam then its not published but here goes..

    LUCIFER ,in regards to the last post ,

    1)if u had read what i commented ,i stated that the reasons that people like C and X behave MAY have been contributed by the current free lifestyle that is potrayed in SOME gay blogs .I did not state that they are exclusively contributed by blogs .Please get that fact right.

    2)Refer to answer 1 above.I am not blaming all PLU blogs ,just some blogs .Dont deny it .Some PLU blogs are helping , some are downright showcasing casual sex.If ur A doctor, u should know that casual gay sex is more risky than casual vaginal sex.Again when u keep stating its up to us to make the ultimate decision , i agreed with that , but i stated that the certain blogs are a bad influence .I didn't say anything about he final moral decision.

    3)I wrote in TULS blog because there is also no law that states that a person cannot voice his/her opinion about an issue in a blog.You can chose to read my comment or you can enjoy the various blogs that u like , without bothering about my comment .

    4) I did not state anything about condemning TULS .As a doctor u should know that a person that sleeps and has sex with about 100 men (in TULS own words)has a very high chance of contracting an STD.I did not wish for TULS to be sick in any way , buT it is a mere expression of my shock at how he was NOT AFFECTED BY ANY STD.

    5)Of course i dont know their background deeply (how do u know i have not met them personally, as i keep telling ,i am closer to them than they even know).I may have met eric several times an act like i condone his behaviour . I may be nice in front of a person , but who am I to tell them in their face what is wrong with them or their actions.I did not want to purposely bad mouth any of them here , its just that i wanted to make reference of certain blogs to examplify why C and X might act that way.For all you know , i may be talking to them often or meet them often at MP , GYMS ,anywhere .

    As for your last line about my identity , Why would anyone want to know who I am . I can be anyone u want me to be . If u want to make me a negative person , then mould me into a negative impact and thrash me like little fox did.If u want to see the sense in what i am saying , u can make a positive impact of me .Do what u want.

    I did not say that TULS AND ERIC are bad people .I just stated what their blogs say.a prisoner can be a nice person , a gigolo an be a nice person.I am not calling anyone bad .


  38. this blog entry.. i mean.. it was just a very simple post.. i mean, everyone has got their own opinion on things and stuffs.. and since my post is published to the public then i should gladly just accept any feedbacks or anything related to it.. its a good discussion/debate whatsoever you called it.. *hugs everyone* no hard feelings alright..

    i dint know that this blog/blog post made such an impact, although this is my own blog but i sincerely apologize if it somehow hurt anyone or cos any discomfort to any parties at all..

    actually im not in a good mood.. but.. yeah.. smile everyone :) and fyi, im not that old.. early 20s.. hahahahahaha

  39. tuls: pats back =) take this as a movie, it is kinda entertaining. *hugs* XD hope u r ok.

  40. To Teoh,

    For every blogger you talk about being gay sluts - there are probably a hundred others who are gay and talk about everything BUT sex (excuse the pun). For many, being gay does not define who they are - gay people can be politicians, others can be craftsmen, chefs, doctors, gardeners etc. and will happily blog about their passion and not their gay lifestyle. These are the role models many gay people look up to whom you may not know about.

    Those who blog exclusively about being gay are going to talk about what defines gay people as a community - the sex - so already you have a very narrow view of gay people and their lives. By far the most interesting will be blogs about people whom we can relate to and those who appear HUMAN - those who have experienced life to the full, highs and lows and gone to the extremes and tried things.

    When gay people come of age - they will explore their sexuality and reading blogs like Tuls can provide them with an insight into another gay persons experiences. The way I see it, Tuls is honest about his experience and he doesn't necessarily condone being a slut nor promote it but simply documents his life openly without an agenda.

    His is an individual perspective on gay life and to take it so out of context and blow it all out of proportion seems odd. You may have good intentions teoh, but you won't come across with an attitude that is aggressive, judgemental and simplistic. I see the major flaw in your argument is that sex is a very natural human behaviour regardless with how many people. But to do it recklessly with the intent of harming others is the clear problem here.

    I can imagine you telling a raped woman it was the media's fault for portraying women as sex objects rather than the rapist who attacked the woman.

  41. owh i missed all these cat fights . but oh well. i bet every1 got something out of this.be it a lesson or some sheer realisations.

    'pats tuls on the back' don worry tuls. most of us are standing strong supporting you in any way possible. we've got your back .

  42. And the Oscar goes to: TULS for having the most comments in a single blog post!


  43. If this was Facebook, I would click like on Lucifer's comment. Strong points yet eloquently stated and dignified.

    And pluboy is right, this post is one for the history books! Tuls you're in the hall of fame haha :)

  44. look at the trend of the blog post .it actually is in tune with what was the main points said by the protogonist : teoh.The main thing he said was : influence of some blogs....

    At first : people were supporting teoh , and the trend was that everyone decided to play nice and agree to some things stated .


    Then : When one person starts to get aggresive , the entire band wagon erupts and starts an avalanche of insults , NOW deciding to go against teoh .

    So u see , influence does take place here . Since the comments ended favoring to be against him(teoh) , probably people will be against me now for stating this .Perhaps i am the only one that is seeing the point he stated bcoz i dont know any of u in person , and just read the blogs mentioned(or in this case , those "unhealthy" blogs) .

    Perhaps those that are against him are close to TULS , .....or..... erm (no offense),... are guilty of what is said , hehe .

    But i dont agree that he was not given his chance to say what he wants.Whoever that blocked him as spam probably cant take the heat.A constructive argument must go on until the judge stops it (In this case ,TULS is the owner of the blog) .
    If i were to be TULS , i will be happy that at least this argument is constructive , and not laced with unnecessary sex stories(even if its ok sometimes :))

    Actually everyone should read his original comment said : In that comment , he wasnt really dissing anyone too directly , but was merely pointing out his opinion.iF U NOTICED I TOO commented earlier , but i didnt know the heat will catch up later on .I hope teoh does give his rebuttal back(eventhough i doubt it) , coz its so damn interesting to hear .Cheers

  45. hahahaha ,!

    haiya , everything was going so fine at first.Then pple must start angry and start scolding .


    actually why must what ah teoh said be wrong? .If u ask me , what he said is not entirely wrong ,most of it is true .He meant some of the blog that is in the tuls friends list , not all plu blogs.

    what he said ah ....

    first thing :he start by saying the reason why those blogs are not potray healthy gay life .TRUE WAT! you see la how that other blogs keep talking about sex , meeet boys , want to sex , like to sex , not much on educating stuff like work, studies etc.Then ah teoh start to comment about tuls .Actually what he said abt tuls is not wrong rite ? TULS, if what he said is wrong u can tembak him back , but its not wrong wat .

    Second issue: He start complain abt the unhealthy types bloggers .About this i dont know the blogs , so i dont know .But iamwhoiam quite 18SX at times lo.


    BEST LINE IN THE COMMENTs : "You will blame the woman who get raped instead of rapists". ermmm....a rapist is someone who is jahat .apa kena mengena with plu blogs and a crime like rapist ?

    Best perkataan yang merapu and tak masuk akal award : LITTLE FOX :sory la, i really feel like your comments is so mixed up , and why ....zzzzz

    Sorry la , my english is bad so i campur bm wan.

    maybe i feel like agree with the comment bcoz i also like u all , always look at grindr , get happy when see hensem pple and straight want to sex ,But if we think deep dep , wat we do is wrong ....
    paiseh lah

  46. Dupe is dupe and the internet is serious business ...nuff said.

  47. meh. have my comments been ignored?
    What we do might be morally wrong in some peoples eyes, but its not!

    there is nothing wrong with having sex
    If one is single and wish to have casual sex, is it morally wrong? Its his problem if he wants to fuck around. So long as he haven't commit himself in a monogamous relationship
    and of course play safe lah
    Know what risk you are at.
    We are responsible for our own actions

    don't judge people's way of life just because u disagree wit it lah.
    So long they are not hurting anybody unlike raping or killing

  48. If still want to condemn of others way of life just because u think its morally wrong.
    then we should all go straight since its morally wrong to be gay in our society anyway.
    Everyone should start wearing lame boring straight outfit, act manly, get married, have kids and grow old.

    stop coming to gay blogs.

  49. hmm... what a line up...

    just hope X and C used rubber. That would help. Always go for safe sex.

    Blogs can be influential. That's why education about safe sex is so much important. I think X should let his bf know about the HIV positive thingy. But, let's be honest. If we are to be in X shoes, we might hesitate telling, no?

  50. aiya i just feel an idiot, just reread some of the comments - i missed lucifer's post and pretty much repeated what he did but his was much clearer lol go lucifer!

    keep up the good work tuls :D

  51. asshole indeed
    never think or should I say
    "accidently on purpose"
    mayb c wants to get infected so x would b with him?