t u l s

t u l s

Thursday, March 17, 2011


bacteria infection..

my airways were all obstructed this morning when i woke up..

saw greenish yellowish sputum after blowing it off..

confirm sei bacteria infection liao..

bukak jer facebook..

first thing that pops out from my profile was this...

i wish i was there to massage your head ache away
i wish i was there to stay up all night checking your temperature
i wish i was there to cuddle you to sleep
i wish i was there to hold your medicine and make sure you are taking them on time
i wish i was there with a wet cloth in my hand to pat your fore head
i wish i was there to give you gentle peck of kisses

get well baby... =)

so sweet dao...

but yea.. my nose is like broken tap.. keeps dripping fluid.. damn annoying..

last post kinda emo.. no more emoness after this i hope..


  1. And if he were there u will probably get well sooner too... like u sweat out more when u do "rigorous" exercise.. =p

    get well soon!

  2. get well soon... ;)

  3. No emo, be happy and get well soon...and I m sure you are...take care!

  4. take care. =D

    bacteria infection somemore lolx

  5. Drink more water. Rest!

    No sex ya...

  6. @kidz~ anor!! but he ar... so busy de... hahaha... some more we are not staying together.. mmm.. cannot complain lor...

    @clayden ~ thanks clay clay!!

    @skysky ~ kihihi.. how you know geh?

    @vince ~ yala... if its viral no colour phlegm ge mar.. kek sei ngo..

    @cx ~ i want sex! blek!!

    @savoir ~ still sick :(

  7. You want sex, go ask your Bubu. But please, after you are fully recover.