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t u l s

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 reasons why i dont shh shh at the urinal...

NUMBER 1: Cos got peeping TOM(why they call tom arr? nothing else to call arr?!

Look left, look right.. very nice to see meh? hihi.. but ok la.. if big i also dont mind geh but really damn annoying lor.. wanna pee also sometimes cannot cos got feeling like someone is watching you like that... sometimes is the cleaner auntie.. eeeeee....

NUMBER 2: Cannot WASH!

i need to wash the kukubird cos must maintain nice smell so bubu can BJ anytime.. kihihi... bubu also same one.. hihi... instant access!! :)


tall people like us very difficult one.. so tall hor then no matter how pandai we shoot hor surely deflected out back kena either the shoes or the pants near the knee there one.. kena once before so i dont dare liao.. so memalukan..

you pee at the urinal or in the cubicle ne?


  1. haha agree with all 3 of your reasons.

    i pee in the cubicle, mainly coz i tend to get hard when peeing at urinals when a guy is standing next to me.. it's like reflex action, beyond my control XD

  2. If there is cubicle available, I will go into the cubicle but if it's all occupied, I will use the urinal.

    Wah! Your pee will hit back at you if you pee at the urinal? Wow! Never know it happens.

  3. Cubicle. Simply because I take my time in peeing.


  4. If u dun want it to deflect back, try to control your speed! Let it release slowly and aim 50 degree to the wall! Try it out! =P

  5. I have a problem getting 'started' in urinals..but once it starts flowing..no problem ;)

  6. agree...
    normally i go for cubicle...
    but sometime i'm force to use urinal...

  7. shows that you dont know how to aim properly..

    takes years of practise know? u must be not practising enough!!

    hahahaaha... simonlover use what to measure 50 degrees ah?

  8. in a cubicle you can do things like squat and pee.

  9. No.2, really that spontaneous? and how can u make it 'smell good'?? I mean it sweat there whole day, and sometimes there is residue.. =p

  10. Pt 2. In cubicle, the water will splash when you wash...how? BJ anytime and maintaining good smell? OMG!

    lol Savior's comment...

  11. Good grief. I always pee at the urinal.

  12. @J-boy ~ hwa.. ya hor.. true true.. agree to that point too.. hehe

    @calvin ~ no skill ma..

    @CX ~ not ask you go lay egg wor..

    @simonlover ~ erm.. i got no skills.. dowana ammoniafied my pants anymore.. eeee

    @kay ~ hahaahah... you got UTI meh? hahaha.. if not no urge then dont go lor.. hahahah

    @naughty prince ~ princes dont use toilet ok.. they pee on the floor and the workers will wipe it off later!! :)

    @takashi ~ i dont have at all.. no formal training..

    @savoir ~ wtf should i squat for to pee? hahahaha.. i dont have a vajayjay!!

    @kidz ~ thats why have to wash off residue..! hahahaha.. and hor,.. the sweat is extra taste geh.. nothing one.. just the ammonia have to vanquish!! hahahah

    @skysky ~ nola.. control the water hose speed shit la.. hahaha... wont de! hahahaha

    @savante ~ ee.. i cannot.. my trophy too cute to display! hahahahaha

  13. cubicle, but if there is someone really cute standing at the urinal, urinal it is

    LOL @ Savoir's

  14. @hunter ~ i will just peep him and still enter the cubicle despite the cuteness! hahahha