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Saturday, March 19, 2011

am i fatherly?

i was in mid valley today just lepaking with the sly fox and the wise calvin, saw pets wonderland mai just masuks sajela kan...

that place stinks like shit! literally got shit there la i mean...

walk walk walk we sampai the aquarium part...

then this happen..


she dint realize lor the girl...

she hugged for a whole solid 10 secs and i stun for that long trying not to move but just smile...

then the mum came laughing and apologized :) kihihi....

so cute la the girl..

i wanna be a dad in the future too :)


  1. wow i must say the pic is well drawn.
    not easy to illustrate hands wrapping around something! :P

    And u made the girl look so sweet :)

  2. The "sign" of getting old....


  3. hahaha... so cute, the whole image of it... and kinda warm too.. =D

  4. No kids would come close to me... maybe i don't look like kidz friendly man :(

  5. @Foxy ~ er... dont worry de.. can.. bubu help me! blek!!

    @J-boy ~ thankiu banyaks! hihi..

    @Naughty prince ~ yalor.. she is.. so innocent..

    @CX ~ ish... piack you.. im only 21 ok!! bu yao old!!

    @kidz ~ anor.. i felt it too.. that instance i wanna be a daddy...

    @TZ ~ hahahahahaha... no such thing.. if you want to, you could be a good daddy! :) and i find daddies kinda hots! hahahaha..

    @savoir ~ hm... yakot? ahahahahaha...

    @kw ~ i know :)

  6. I also want to stay young forver.

    Fatherhood, hmmm...me like "daddies".


  7. omg.. i've always thought of having my own kids one day.. fatherhood instinct always kicking hard inside me.. XP

  8. @CX ~ i invent sin dan for your youth ok? kihihi.. you like daddies..? hehe.. me too.. kihihi...

    @~eric~ omgucci! my pleasure to have you here! :) thanks for your support :) and you will be a good dad if you try your best.. lets be awesome dads in the future :)

  9. haha.. eh, why dont u enable for anonymous to post comments ar??
    dad was once a tuls?? haha.. ok,sorry, a random one just struck me suddenly.. XDDDDD

  10. @eric~ omgucci.. hahaha.. dad was once a tuls wtf! hahahaha... dowan anonymous.. i saw so many people got attacked by anonymous comments.. although people can simply create a google account and trash us too but at least they took the effort to create an account, that means what they wanna say is really important.. i guess. wait.. i dono what am i crapping.. hahahaha.. cannot tahan liao.. tired! night!