t u l s

t u l s

Saturday, March 26, 2011


last night after wee wee-ing at a friends place something happened..

bubu looked at me.. and i look back..

you know those bitchy eyes with meaning?

i read it as: you arr...*angry*

so as we head off from the rumah to my car i said something but he dint reply and entered the car so i thought he was angry..

so to let him cool off i just shut the hell up...

the whole journey from Sunway to Kota Damansara the car was in total silence..

i tak tahan so i on the radio and sing.. as usual..

seriously the whole 20 mins journey there was no conversation at all..

when i finally reach his condo..



and thats it...

at first he told me to sleep over cos it was super ultra late already but i guess he doesnt want it cos he was still angry? so i just left la.. it was nearing 4am..

after reaching home.. was really tired then he say he wanna sleep thru sms.. so i said good night too thru sms..

i thought our ritual of talking to each other before sleep was not gonna happen last night but he called.. after 5 10 mins.. i was about to shut eye liao...



were you angry?

.... you say la...

what happen?

... you tell me la...

i have no idea.. you tell me...

.. no.. you think!!

were you angry?

no.. were you?

no.. i thought you were angry so i dint talk to you thought of letting you cool off..

i was waiting for you to talk to me.. i thought you were angry too..

i thought you will get mad so i dint say a word.. you know you la.. want to have a say in everything so i waited..

what the.. youre the top ma.. you should initiate the talk mar...

how would i know.. i dowana get into an arguement ma...

so in the end it was all a misunderstanding shitty niama thing.. hahaha... everyone asking how are we and everything this morning..

bubu, you got lots of supporters hor!! eeee


  1. Did you sing to Rebecca Black - Friday song ?

  2. ywah.. i fail to understand "something happened" after wee-wee.

    that's all.

  3. awwww, i found out how u look .....u look so nice , yet i still find the last straw to call u ...fuck

  4. OMG! Like that also can. Gosh!

  5. so freaking sweat incident, and funny XD

  6. @ooi2009 ~ er.. thanks for the compliment but whats with the fuck word in the end? can you grow up?

    @CX ~ ahahhahaahha.. its not on air la.. got i whip my hair back and forth i whip my hair back and forth! hahahahah

    @takashi ~ hahahahahah... told you last night liao! muacks!

    @whizkid ~ ok la.. it was... too quiet!

    @calvin ~ can! you try one day la! ahhahaha

    @savoir ~ hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!

    @orange-wee ~ its scary to a certain degree..