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Monday, March 21, 2011

the harder to get, the more valuable it is? CONT

i asked around for some views about the topic and there is this one that caught me..

When u see the guy presumably of your type being attached to someone who u think is not physically as compatible as u think u are, this kind of sour-grape mixed feeling arises. it generates room for imagination and seductive effort...

i mean, everyone definitely experienced this before dont they..

do you?

you might think that he is better off with you than his current bf la..

why cant he just dump him and be with you la? kan?

or why not you just go there and show off a lil here and there try to seduce him over la.. hehe..

i bet a few of you did that before huh?

i mean i definitely thought of that before..

why is that guy's bf so clingy one? dint give him space to breathe.. if its me i will give him more freedom...


why is that guy's bf so short one.. so not compatible.. hm... wah if we were together surely damn awesome lor.. he so tall.. i also so tall.. damn ngam...


wah.. that guy's body fucking hot man.. but the bf... hm... i should be the bf la...

dont you think its fucking true?

have you done it before jek? 


  1. I would say that I thought of it before and by having to think about it means that I have the intention to actually materialize it.

    But then again in the end, I fail. Dare not do it.

    Not that courageous.

  2. Will wonder about the compatibility issue.. but normally wont be so self-confident to think that I will be a better match, that's really for someone who is very self-confident..

    and wats that about short guy... Grrr... *bite*!

  3. .. i thk most will have this kind of thought when seeing straight guy with a gf.....

  4. Sometimes, there's no happy ending to this sorta thing :P

    Best kept in ones' imagination. lol!

    *somewhat speaking from experience*

  5. i second with whizkid,i always see some straight guy with gf and said to myself*that bitch is so lucky,her bf looks too good to be a straight*

    anyway..if it's meant to be then it's meant to be

  6. You know what? this happens everywhere, even in the straight world! You can't imagine how girls' confidence comes bursting out of their busts when it comes to compatibility!

  7. hmm i dont think that way..i wonder why

    i just laugh at the spectacle and tell everyone oh look love is blind

  8. Most plu couples i see are HOT, both of them..

    I agree with Whizkid.. but usually it's the girls that are hot with guys that are... errrr average and slightly nerdy.. Rarely do I see hot straight guys with unattractive counterparts.

  9. I am not sure why you (I mean tuls) have such thinking when you are attached. I don't have it at all. I like to see cute/handsome guys too, but never thought of to be his bf or why his bf is suck kinda thinking. Of course, ONS is different case.

  10. @CX ~ alright... its ok de.. you fail as a slut then.. hahahaha...

    @kidz ~ you short meh? its ok de.. short guy got long dick.. i like de! hahahaha...

    @whizkid ~ hm.. true also hor..

    @Jon C ~ kihihi...

    @Ash ~ amen!

    @Tempus ~ you should know better huh? hahahaha

    @Foxy ~ hahahaah... love is not blind hor, please do something to your.. erm.. ahem ahem.. haha..

    @J-boy ~ hahaha.. HOT is subjective ok! *whistle, perasan a bit* hahahaahah

    @skysky ~ eeeeeeeee.. what the fu... im only human la.. its natural wert.. dont tell me you never thought of it before.. you liar!! and thats a feedback i got from a friend la regarding the matter.. not my own la.. not that i never thought of it before.. but that was before i was with bubu la.. slap you skyhawk!! hahahahahaha... you ONS ONS ONS.. careful i tell Darren!! blek!!! DARREN!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOUR SKYSKY ONS ONS HERE AND THERE!!!

  11. lol... u only like the long dick part, still nothing to do with guy being short.. grr..

    and yea, hamsup skysky is definitely into ONS, ONS, ONS, and sauna and steam room!!! =p

  12. nola.. sajeje kacau.. i dono what to draw mar so the height difference is the easiest liao to draw.. so yea lor.. hahaha..

    skysky and his knowledgeable knowledge of the steam room sauna all.. hehe.. say only he tak buat.. maybe before he met darren he is pro leh? hahahahahaah...

  13. @Skyhawk: You must go update on one entry in your blog and titled it "Sauna/Steam Room Re-Visited".

    Spill all juicy details.

  14. ur drawing so detailed.. but u forgot to draw the cock.

  15. @CX ~ waht the hell.. hahahaha... he did before le ma.. hahaha.. everyone was like wondering whether how he knows all that without "doing" it! hahah..

    @takashi ~ hahaah.. its censored.. power a bit! hahaha.. thats why no cock :)

  16. @Tuls: Wah...so long reply on mine....thanks for giving me face..I will accede to the special request from you, Kidz and CX on the sauna bathroom story...stay tune!

  17. I guess, i will try to communicate with the homophobes 1st, let them c some part of the truth.. Or, i will be consoling the gay guy privately.. err i mean verbally secretly privately