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Sunday, March 6, 2011

first quadraple date...

haha.. did that double date and triple date before.. but quadruple date was my first time last night :) it was different in a way actually, over dinner.. there are three steady couple and one newly wed :) haha.. the newly wed is so much in love and its so cute to watch them so into each other :) hahaha.. it reminded me of meself and bubu when we just started.. not that we dont anymore.. lately we were kinda busy.. eee..

but one thing is that its very hard to include everyone into the conversation so in the end in went down the 2 couples talking to each other.. hahaha.. its as though it the table split into half.. haha.. but occasionally there are exchange of talks la between the 2 "tables"... 

after dinner we all departed and, 3 couples decided to go over to MP .. haha.. hotness.. i mean, dah lama tak gi MP so yea.. was like rushing there cos have to masuk before 12.. hahaha.. like some cinderella thingy :) cos bubu and i we dont drink we just lepak around and dance like crazy :) it was after dinner so we dint really shake like crazy cos kinda full..

met lots of awesome people there.. PLUBOY and his Cookie Monster were there.. so sweet.. saw them for the first time and damn cockie monster is tall man!! but i taller skit :) kihihi.. have to show off konon.. hahaha..  

the Snow White VIN ONG was there too with his hot tattoo gosh those are really hot and his ear pierce is to die for.. so fair i feel like slapping him see got red mark or not... hahaha.. so jahats me.. but VIN is really cool.. i was like all sweaty like tsunami sweaty but yet he gave me a deep hug... i feel so.. wah.... not bad.. nice :) kihihi... me love huggies.. my tulsy week 2 pun ada.. the ever so hot tulsy week 2.. so basically bubu and i just jump around from group to group and in between dance when there are awesome music on... haha.. but seriously i dont kinda dig the selection in MP other than Anthem's night lor.. it was an ok cardio session for us :)

well that was my saturday night lor.. you guys macam mana?


  1. what's the orange stuff on the 7th guy? =P

  2. Anthem's night ?

    Your tulsy no. 2 seems familiar...huhuhu...

  3. I have not dated anyone.. omygosh.. should start keeping cats now.. LOL!

  4. Cockie Monster? Hahaha. Monster cock??!! Lols... x)

    Weih, malu lar. I'm not that fair la.. All make-up foundation & powder only. Hahaha. Bleks. Anyway, ur nice to hug. =P

  5. Mr ltcy a.k.a tuls...i believe "itu anjing betina" also was there with you;)

    p/s:do bear in mind that im not easily to get cheated...i understand what you did before but i prefer something that is direct to the point...

  6. @j-boy ~ his shirt colour :) hahahah.. i thought that should be obvious.. sorry...

    @CX ~ hahahah.. you guys are not freinds on fb lorr.. i checked! :) kihihihi...

    @byronMC ~ hehe.. you should go out and explore! :) its a damn fun playground out there! but becareful la ok!

    @Vin ~ hehe... foundation and powder? wah seh.. please la.. that day i licked it pun tak rasa apepe pun? hehe.. hahahahaha... your hug is awesome!! :)

    @ash eats godiva ~ itu anjing betina was indeed with me. why? i dont get what do you mean in you p/s part.. please elaborate further thank you :)

  7. @CX ~ hahahaha.. alright! :) he got a nice body though.. that day i ter-touched! wohhoo!! hihihahah!!!

  8. wat have u been bitching to others about me Cik Lame Gatal Tulsy?

  9. to miss ituanjingbetina, im a fucking good friend as far as im concern so you dont have to worry a shit! i tak bitch about you to anyone! im slut! not a bitch! and it seems like ash eats godiva kenal jer you.. and i pun tak brapa paham apa dia thalking!

  10. to Cik Lame Gatal Tulsy,
    Oh but I'm a AnjingBetina
    anjingbetina-ing is my habit