t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


this is my leg...

reach school ni i ask my friend to park at the orang cacat area, laugh his ass off..
today got exam lagi.. that exam need to jalan banyak wtf..

i was in the lab pai ha pai ha...

like orang cacat but not cacat, cedera nia.. so cacat + cedera = cacare? ooo awesome new word!!

i reach home now bengkak like fish ball..
tak tahan...
those anti inflammatory not working also geh...
very pain arr... 
plasma oozing out...
fuck my leg...

everytime i think off what happen i will jerk a lil..
its so painful i dowana think..

luckily my leg still attached! haha.. thank god! :) 


  1. Motorcycle/Car Accident??

    Hope you get un-cacare soon...

  2. The use of scientific words here are specific. And has very different meaning to different fields. haha!

    Plasma to a pharmacist can stop bleeding through fibrinogen.

    Plasma to us can melt through solid steel. ;)

  3. and for layman like me plasma->tv =p

    looks very bad eh... take care tulsy.. ;)

    if i dun see u at MP maybe bubu can drive u out for a supper, after we r done at mp.. hehehe...

    anyyway.. must get well soon.. even cant dance also can go kap zai at least.. take care!!

  4. Omg, your entry damn kinky !

    Overly-stressed with exam is it ?

    I see the words like ass, pain, fuck, jerk & painful.

    Go let your Bubu "sayang" then can already.


  5. why dont u tell more abt ur sexcapades when slutting in kl , it would be better than emo posts

  6. @delusion ~ wow! i like the way you use the new word!! you boomz!

    @savoir ~ i feel like plasma-ing my leg now.. so pain la..

    @kidz ~ hahahahahaha... yea.. a drink would be fine.. haha.. i dont need to kap anymore liao de! hahahah

    @CX ~ true.. but hor bubu not free cos he is busy with his thing..

    @ooi2009 ~ i like la.. tak bagi ker? i dont need to satisfy your lust for sexpost.. if you want then go read the whole of sgboy's blog.. you can orgasm yourself off to heaven! ciao!