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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

drag me to hell..

parked at a slope two nights ago.. cos im driving my manual hero (wira) so i put it on first gear cos i takut the car roll down the slope!

the next morning.. without realizing(the first gear thing) i went and start the car thought of warming it up..

the car jerked and start rolling down hill..

one of my leg is out the car..

it happened all so fast and there was another car 5 6 meters infronna me..

it rolled and the first thing that came to my mind was to stop the car.. my leg was far from the break so i use my other leg on the outside to try breaking the car, how pandai..

the car eventually knock the divider by the road side and my leg was caught in between the car's skirting and the divider..

i cant really feel my leg then..

i forced my leg out of that gap and voila.. its like rotten shit..

i thought i lost my leg..

luckily its still there..

i remember seeing my car keys flew out as in jerks..

and guess what?, the keys are underneath the car's tyre.. 

thats just great..

lesson learnt: drive auto car in the future..  


  1. my one and only phobia while driving manual is slope !! ><

  2. Hahaha, u jerked quite a lot in this entry hor.

    lesson learnt: Always check if the car is parked using free gear before starting.

  3. Lesson learned: Leg is not brake...and don't always jerk too much...lolx!

  4. its ok , as long as u didnt jerk off la , i mean in the car , and in the bed~with ur sexbot dancerboy

  5. ris low , she is my former lover ok , dont kacau her plse , she is hotter than you ok , bitch

  6. i think i want to get a auto car

  7. hey, hopefully u'll be well in no time :) take some good rest :)

    p.s. that's whyi don't like to drive manual..:p

  8. wth? u didn't start your car engine?

  9. OMG!!! that sounds damn painful man!
    hope you get well soon!!!!

    btw, just wondering... in a situation like this, does pulling the hand break help??

  10. good lord, such bad luck, hope u heal soon.

  11. sweet mother of godiva!that's what i called a leg break...literally!

    may you get well soon

    lesson learnt:be rich,get a driver and auto car in the future

  12. oh dear...

    You're still alive thank goodness!

  13. Actually it would hav been really funny to see this whole thing on tv or in a movie, or youtube, plus close up expression.. =p

    but gosh.. must be so freaking scary being the one in it.. poor tulsy.. *hugs-lots*

  14. Indeed painful. And the illustration, make it even worst.

    You take good care of your leg.

  15. a totally shitty moment weh. i think i can't stop swearing in those times. haha!

    anyway, hope you heal soon. :)

  16. your drawing... makes it look sooooo scary. O.O
    get well soon.

  17. luckily i dun drive~ be careful next time

  18. why u take so long to reply , haiyoooooooooooooo

    anyway ur bf and i already planning to have sex , dont play play

  19. @all ~ thanks everyone for your concern :) muacks to all of you!!

    @whizkid ~ jerking is essential.. haha.. CHECKED!

    @skysky ~ CHECKED! hahahahahahaha.. siao! hahahahaah

    @savante ~ alhamdulilah...

    @ooi2009 ~ then you boomz lor ris low your ex! you got your diploma in hospitaritry?

    @lionfever ~ please do! no need to think!!

    @afif ~ auto please, sekian terima kasih!

    @clayden ~ jerk lor first gear then start car.. hm... manual fan si ren!!

    @J-boy ~ nah.. my handbrake sudah shingz, pulling it doesnt help, by the way when i start the car the handbrakes are on anyway.. oh well..

    @kidz ~ *tear* *lean on kidz* hahahaha... yay! im feeling better already! =.= .. hahaha.. babi you wanna see my sohai leg sakit face! ish!!

  20. Lol... not ur face la.. i mean the same scene and in a movie.. maybe erm... justin bieber's face?

  21. hahahaa.. keji! i like him okay! people talented one! i like talents.. hehe..

  22. I suggest justin because his face is cute ma... and u call me keji because of him! *sniff sniff*... i also know how to sing "baby" * lo ... sniff sniff*

  23. please dont act cute here.. later bubu thought we go something something then gone case! muahahahaha!! CX, please drag kidz back to sg.. hahahaha..

  24. Hehehe...I drag kidz to my room.


  25. To : Bubu, Tulsy is innocent.. he saja dare to flirt on blog... (okay tulsy? =p)

    CX, u will be endangering urself then... hehehe...

  26. ah, i winced when i read that - seriously, be safe... :S

  27. hey , why u so jahat to bubu and shout at him ar?! he is complaninig so much abt u now to me , u better say sorry quick

  28. @CX and kidz ~ you two boomz la! hahahha...

    @goMercury ~ i will, hugs!

    @ooi2009 ~ i shouldnt be replying to your comment cos its just plain bullshit, erm.. can you like please try not to be so rude, thank you.