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Friday, March 25, 2011


how do you know whether he's THE ONE?

because he seems perfect to you at first sight?

because he is super handsome?

because he has a big talent downstairs?

because he is filthy rich?

because he has the nicest body in town?

because he is the most talked about in the community now?

if we end up together with THE ONE, is he really the ONE for us?

what if we broke up with THE ONE, does that mean that we have yet to found THE ONE?

if you are with THE ONE, have you thought about are you his THE ONE?

after getting together, you realize he farts in the blanket and he snores like a pig or he digs his nose in public, will the THE ONE status be removed?

is there THE ONE out there for you?


  1. He is the one if you have found someone whom you are compatible with....

    As he is compatible in terms of character, personality and how he carries himself.

    No one is born perfect. You have to compromise for each other fault and be willing to change for the better if you want to bring it to the next level.

  2. Imperfect is perfect if he is the one for you.

  3. i like it as long as the sex is good , i dont give a shit how he looks like , but must not be fat

  4. I really dont know about the one thing:(

    in regards on your peeping tom post i think i gonna write on how it is called peeping tom,since it's somehow related with lady godiva anyway

  5. Good that u brought this topic up,
    coz I'm looking for the answers myself.

  6. the penis. omg. @.@ so slim. hahahahahhaha

  7. Hmm. I guess you'll just know. No need those points, cuz as little as I may know about love, I know that it's unconditional.

  8. Wow, bubu digs his nose in the public?

  9. well, i'll leave it to fate, if he really is the one, i wouldn't know either, take a step at a time ^^

  10. Why the illustration of the "tool" looks so flaccid ?

  11. hey there tuls! i am definitely a kluang boy :)

  12. i guess, the word'' the one'' is not like the word that u can fit in reality.its all about the chemistry.

  13. @justin2005 ~ nicely said :)

    @whizkid ~ alright..

    @ooi2009 ~ not too loud! shhhhh! i think that way too! wahahahaha.. siao me! hahahahaha

    @ash ~ i dont believe in the one thing.. so its ok..

    @j-boy ~ hope you found the answer la *hugs*

    @clayden ~ the penis belum stim okey!!! :) hahahaha

    @vin ~ eeeeeee.. wah.. cakap macam experience.. i suka.. hahaha..

    @kidz ~ wtf nola.. was just thinking about it nia.. hahahaha

    @orange-wee ~ alright jordin sparks! :)

    @CX ~ belum stim mar.. you and clayclay same nia..

    @afif ~ omgomgomg!! kluang boy high 5!!!

    @wizard ~ later explosion in the lab.. eee... hahahahaah.. you wizard boy.. you should know what youre doing.. hahah..

  14. The one.... is definitely not Ian Somerhalder. :P

  15. why not? hahahaah.. he is so hotz wor.. ok la.. different people different taste.. give you chance.. hahahahah.. thanks for dropping by! *hugs*

  16. r u a kluang boy too tuls? :)

  17. my grandparents are there! so yea.. i go there quite often.. haha..

  18. whoa...what a small world :)