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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tuls mean no harm de...

a follower of my bubu's blog came into picture yesterday when he commented on my NYAMA post..

jesus christ , is that what u perceive of an indian ?i didnt expect this from u .I expected more from u , perhaps some awareness abt how indians are these days. Your drawing shows how an indian would look if he was in a moral book when we were std 1 . i "expected" u to be a bit more alert abt how they look ,i guess u still dont mix well with pples of other races

FYI : I am not calling u a racist , coz i have seen worse racist comments.  BUt i am merely telling u that not all indians are the same , as are not all chinese cant speak fluent english

Mind u, i have so many great chinese friends , i NEVER condemn or insult how they are looked or their attitudes

by the way , i know u from ur bubu. coz i do enjoy his blog , and in real life he is a nonracist person .in case u think im lying , ur "bubu" has a name that rhymes with "saul"

u can gladly post this.

and i did :) hahahaha... 

i was shocked and surprised at first cos first time dapat comment yang long but as i read through the whole comment i was smiling :)

i was smiling cos the fact that I dont have any bad intentions while drawing that pic in that post :) hahahaha.. i thought that it was cute.. haha.. not all chinese are uncut, mostly all malays are cut and not all indians have a dot on their forehead and has a amazon bush on the bawah that only reveals the dickhead... but its kinda like a general thing that indians have got more hair than the cina or the melayus kan? sorry lor if teroffended any of you :) hahahaha..  

when i told bubu that i was smiling and actually not irritated by that comment he dont believe lor.. but .. hahaha.. i find it kinda cute where the drawings i draw made an impact :) thank you to those who like my drawings :) sorry to the commenter whoever you are.. i think i should put disclaimer beside la!! uhm... yalor.. i should!! done!! bottom right side! :) hontoni hontoni arigato for your support and comments even though you suka or tak suka the pics!!


  1. As much as the cyber realm gives us the freedom to blog, sometimes we are still bound by the local context in the society.

    "Sensitivity" is what we still need to cope with.

  2. omg LOLS at the indication of the dick! xD

    gah, i was kidding about the racism thingy too. You know better. ;)


    what's wrong with drawing like the std 1 moral book? the pic is supposed to have smth defining so ppl can recognise their race. obviously you couldn't have drawn it to fit every single indain/chi/mly. i wld love to see him try.

  4. haiyo.
    people seriously need to chill
    especially faggots.
    ops i forgot im one too

    but nothing happens after u feel offended
    you don get hiv or die from cancer after u get offended
    Its all in your head

  5. tuls, perhaps u can draw the dick head for the indian oso ma... I thought the whole bundle was just hair...

  6. Agree with CX that we need to manage the sensitivity esp come to race and religion. If I m Indian readers, I will be upset...a bit...hahaha! I thought u hv Indian encounter(s) before? lol lolx....!

  7. @CX ~ alright :) my sensitivity kinda off liao.. down there also not so sens liao..

    @savoir ~ i know you :) dont worry! *hugs*

    @lucifer ~ hahahaha.. i know! i like too! kihihihi!! hahahaha...

    @LMO ~ thanks for your suprot! :) its subjective la.. so yea.. nothing de.. i dont mind negative comment de.. :)

    @thatbitch ~ you faggy! :) hahahahaha... *hugs*

    @bravebear ~ yalor.. thats why i indicated after that.. oh well.. sowee lor.. hahahahaha....

    @skysky ~ alright!! noted!! but the indian encounter thing.. hehe.. sshhhhhhhhh!!

  8. Down there not sensitive ? What the....

    Then how you gain pleasure/orgasm ?