t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

cheer me up?

b, wanna go for dinner tonight?

hm... no mood la...

serious arr? come la...

dont want la.. (i dint wanna go out cos i dowana spend, kinda broke now)

mmm... come la.. i belanja you.. (he knows me well lor, i will never say no to a meet unless im broke)

its ok la.. you go eat with mummy la.. i'll see you some other time..

then you leh?

i'll eat with mum...

ok lor...

after 2 hours..

*honk honk*

i'm downstairs...


kihihi.. he brought me out to A&W for desserts :) so sweet :) had my favourite waffle thingy :) havent seen him for quite some time.. im the type of person that will be insecure to go out if i dont have at least some amount of money in the pocket. eeeee... hahaha.. rejected lots of dinner offers lately.. sowee people.. circumstances :) bubu seldom come to my place lor but recently been doing so more often liao :) *hugs* i love you bubu... brightened my night...


  1. i like the way you draw bubu and yourself in the picture... so cute! :-D

  2. Sweeter and sweeter.. and it just shows u dun hav to be filthy rich to be happy..

  3. tht pic is so cute....and i can imagine u laughing while eating the waffle xD

  4. That's a huge waffle for 2,...or are you imaginatively implying to something else ?

  5. Owh the waffles of A&W, the one beside 3k? its the only a&w around sj man XD

  6. You have lovely bubu...envy...diabetes liao...

  7. Wah. I pun kalau takde duit tak mau keluar.

    How sweet he belanja waffle.

    p/s demand ice cream mcd lain kali. hihihi

  8. @jason ~ thanks :)

    @kidz ~ i wish i could be richer by a bit... hm... *hugs*

    @cloud ~ er... er... hahaha.. thanks? hahahahaha... how to eat while laughing wor!!?? *piak*

    @CX ~ wtf... hahahaha... share half half! hahahaha... its like the abalone case in I LOVE HK if you watched!

    @tempus ~ hahahahahahah... shhhhhhhhh!!

    @skysky ~ insulin jab oi mou? :) *hugs*

    @joey ~ hahaha.. i will :)

  9. Don't really watch Cantonese shows...