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Saturday, March 12, 2011

allergic to mangoes?

bubu's besties, him and i were walking in 1U towards topman from the escalator then there is this juice stall by the side giving out samples and stuffs..

so cos i dont really like juices (mainly cos i hate fruits) thats why i was like trying to avoid that guy that was giving out samples but tak dapat avoid so this happens..

sir would you like to try our new mango juice?

oh no.. im allergic... thank you...


*everyone continue walking*

*bubu turned around and look at me* did you just say that youre allergic to mango?


his bestie: i was tahaning not to laugh just now.. haahahahahahahaha

where the fuck did that came? hahahahaha...  i dont really know also actually.. im definitely not allergic but it just came out my mouth then.. hahah.. 

have you guys said anything stupid before? or acted anyway strange or funny before?


  1. allergic to mango??

    AHahahhahahahaa.. i can so imagine bubu's reaction!!! like his facial expression and all with the eyebrow raised and look at u one kind! LOLX

    nope, cos i loved fruits.. any time, any type! I can have fruits for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner.. :)

    saying or doing something stupid? nah.. cos normally i am not responsive to people trying to sell me things... i will just look straight ahead and walk off..

  2. I'll usually just smile and say no, thank you.


  3. OMG! Mango! Love it! Hehehe...

  4. @erichiro ~ haha.. i know.. read before your blog about it too i think..

    @CX ~ if he is hot leh?

    @calvin ~ eeeeee.. tak suka..

  5. If he is hot, then I'll smile, say "No, thank you"..walks away, blush blush and then will go tell my friend "Damn..he is hot".

  6. i think you're allergic to the other type of mango....coz of the shape right