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Friday, March 18, 2011

my services..

tuls, can i ask you for a favour?


just a click will do!! nak pinjam gaydar you!!

ORH! ok...

this friend of mine ___insert slutty name___ is trying to hit on a friend of mine but im not sure if he is gay or not.. 

*after 5 minutes*

no mutual gay friends at all.. but hor.. he has lots of friends that have mutual gay friends with me wor... so the chances are that he might be one of us too.. just that my connection is not that powder yet!!

i dont usually do this but its really a good tool la i think.. i dont have a wide extent of gaywork (gay network).. but i have a few friends who are socially damn out who have like 5000 gay friends in one of their accounts so i can use them as reference or markers as well.. hehe...

for example a guy who has like maybe 1 or 2 gay mutual friends, it doensnt make him any gay at all.. but if its more than 4 then can suspect liao!! if its like 10 then hehe... confirm lor...

sometimes when we dont have any mutual friends at all also doesnt mean that he is not gay... just that my gaywork not power enough.. hahaha.. but i will tend to go through his friend's list to counter check.. and this only applies to the peninsula society.. hahah...

after a day... his bf message me..

tuls aa... can i ask for a favour arr....?

*drop dead*


  1. amazing flowchart, shall use that as SOP... muahahaha

  2. I always use facebook Jz to check XD

    But connection in the circle too weak haha.

  3. and if got 3 or 4 gay blogger friend sure conform that fella a blogger too!

  4. _insert slutty name_ how bout James?

    yup yup.. fb mutual gay friends is most useful.. cudnt agree more..

  5. Tuls, got provide sms service ?

    Next time I'll just type "ON GAYDAR" and send to "TULS".


  6. haha yeah! i always do that! wanted to delete all my gay friends off my fb but then realised i wont be able to check anymore..so i didnt :X

  7. Haha this is awesome!
    I should acquire your services to check out my new interest! ;)

  8. Sounds so like me! Hehehehe ...Me also use almost similar theory! =O

  9. The theory definetly correct!!! Beyond any reasonable doubt!

  10. Can harap one or not your radar lol

  11. wat crap! i am not gay! at all!!! hahahaha

  12. Well, the most direct thing your friend can do is just ask that guy.

  13. @kw ~ SOP? long time liao lu :)

    @savoir ~ keyword wtf! hahahaha

    @vincent ~ you konek somewhere else la kan? hahaha.. your new territory:)

    @ash ~ pandainyer.. but thats not always the case!!

    @kidz ~ james? eeeeeeee.. james not slutty enough..

    @CX ~ type TULS jarak ON to 33388.. terms apply! hahahah.. siao! hahahahah

    @LMO ~ omg you damn LMAO la! hahahaha

    @J-boy ~ no problemo!! :) kihihi...

    @simonlover ~ good good.. we all sama species :) kihihihi...

    @PFJ ~ *high 5*

    @mycroft ~ can de!! tentus!

    @clayclay ~ if youre not gay then im straight!!

    @calvin ~ hell to the no - glee.. nice song! :)