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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UK tak jadi?

i dowana make this post emo or anything.. hahaha.. emo is so not me.. but the thing is that the plan to go to UK might not happen for me.. things came up and so.. yea.. haha.. oh well.. i'll just hope for the best la..

should i cry? hahaha.. should i whine? hihi.. oh well.. i'll just do my best for now.. finish this sem first la.. jadi tak jadi pergi pun tak tentu yet.. im feeling kinda evil now.. suddenly im hoping that everyone else cant go.. hm.. selfish nyer.. i know.. hm...

sometimes its so hard to stay strong and confident outside but its burning and aching deep down.. i havent cried for a long time and im not planning to do so.. haha.. crying is so not in the slut's syllables.. 

i used to say that life without stress will be fucking boring and its true.. but now to think of it.. its better without it.. plans doesnt always go as we wish kan..


  1. slut only cries when slut gets no buttsex

  2. Don't cry....sky hug hug...! May be it could be better if you stay back? Who knows...

  3. Let it out, you can cry..but cry alone. No one needs to know when you cry.

    And when you are done crying, trust me...you will feel much better.


  4. Hope the best of of it. That's what I ca say for now. Worst come,just apply for more loans(more return) or hit higher grades so that you can earn yourself some good scholarship when you are in UK. My friend begged like crazy and kept his grades at 4.0 and the university gave him tuition fees waiving. Hope it can land on you too.

    Malaysia still okay la... just go UK once you graduate lor.. but for good this time

  5. *marshmallow hugs*

    everything that happened have it's good and bad tuls...be strong...who knows what happened to you now is blessings in disguise:)

  6. @thatbitch ~ very true indeed.. :)

    @delusion ~ *hugs*

    @sky ~ *cry*

    @CX ~ alright..

    @tempus ~ haha... we'll see how la..

    @ash ~ *waffle hug*