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Monday, March 28, 2011

whats the longest gay relationship you heard of?

i have a friend that has been attached for 5 years now..

but he say that the love for his bf is fading by day..

even lil small talks leads to an argument..

they dont say i love you to each other for a couple of years already..

and they have been living together for 4 years,,

i mean..

what could have happen that result in this kinda situation?

they are both compatible..

its just so sad to hear about it..

why stay on together when you stay on just because you promise each other that you wont leave them..

if you love that someone.. let them go..

if they leave and never come back, they are not destined to be with you...

usually if the feeling is there, within hours or days the withdrawal symptoms will arise and he will come running back to you...

whats the longest relationship you guys heard of before? 
as in in terms of duration.. 
5 years? 
10 years? 
20 years?

the year thing is alil hyperbola cos usually if not compatible surely tak sampai 10 years one. hahahahaha...


  1. well , the reason is simple ,most of them want a guy bcoz he is hot and buff ,and then as he ages or as they see other guys , they become bored of the guy , unlike girls that look for a guy based on more than looks , the love even though he is old girls matter abt money and other things , guys well most plu guys only care abt body and looks. and to all the si bodoh yg nak mencaci saya , think before u diss my point ok, bye bitches

  2. btw , plse explain clayden what is dilf, he doesnt know wht he is

  3. I remembered Takashi once mentioned about a couple who'd been together for 20 years. If you refer to anyone around me, I never knows any.

  4. Not heard of any more than 5 years...may be Simonlover...may be Will.I.Am but not sure...I only hope for mine.

  5. Never been in a relationship, but I got to know someone who is in a relationship with his partner for about good 8 years now.

    Wonder they are still together or not now.

  6. I know one that lasted 4, then they broke up but remained friends. .... I find that hard to believe.

  7. 10 years+ and married... feel quite fortunate to meet them cause it makes me feel more confident that with the right person + right timing plus a will to commit, it can work out.

    and Tulsy, agree with ur point "if u love someone, but have doubts, shud let them go" cause u wont treasure him as he deserved to be, or vice versa, might as well let each other go. and like u say, if u were meant to be, u will still cross path one day...

  8. i have a friend that has been with his bf for 14 years and is still going strong.

    they met at a gym somemore.

  9. 20 plus years - to a couple in PT Triangle..

    I have the honour to know them.. and they are very nice "uncles"..

    Holy shit! My longest one was 4 years.. but mostly spent apart...

  10. my longest relationship is 5 minutes , can ah?

  11. @ooi2009 ~ who wanna mencaci you? why you so perasan geh? longest relationship 5 mins is like fuck and go kinda thing.. hahah.. wtf..

    @whizkid ~ hm..

    @skyhawk ~ as true as it can be.. all the best to you..

    @CX ~ simonlover? hehe.. he 8 years jor with the horny bf.. cool ei.. i also want!!

    @deicidal ~ why hard to believe wor? hard to believe that they are friends? or what? they look more than friends?

    @kidz ~ wah... awesome you! and also muacks you!! haha.. cant wait for our MP session (perasannyer!) hahaha.. but hor my leg cedera liao.. maybe wont be going...

    @foxy ~ you and your fox clan! very good!!

    @takashi ~ alright.. wah.. damn awesome right.. its ok de.. its your turn to achieve that too now!hhahahah.. Cookie Monster!! grrr!!

    @lionfever ~ hahahaha... 6 months is kinda short.. maybe cos your friends are all still young, like you young boy!! :) i love your hair by the way!

  12. Yea hard to believe they can remain friends and continue hanging out and stuff. Maybe the relationship wasn't that serious to begin with.... but 4 years? That's gotta count for something, no?

  13. hm... fuck buddies maybe? open relationship? hahahahah.. oh well.. up to them la i guess..

  14. Haha. I know of someone about 9-10yrs jor. And of course myself who's been stuck (hehe) for 8.5 yrs. :)

    Faster heal up and go MP jor.

  15. @CX ~ see, the bf also wan siong mun edi! hahaha..

    @hornyBF ~ its my pleasure to have you here oh horny one! :) hahahaah... but you ke-evil-an.. hahaha.. stuck? not syok meh with simon? i ask him spank you ni you know! we are kawan sejati ok! im going to be like him in the future! hahaha.. as in profession wise la.. hahaha..

    my leg at least need another 1 month :( khek sei..

    @takashi ~ hahahahaha...to MP or report to CM? hahahaha..

  16. maybe it's too scary to go into the single pool again, 5 years have passed

  17. nice one hunter! hope you have many more to go!! :)